Viral Lovin’: Top Ten Youtube Proposal Videos

Get Your Partner’s Ring Size

Let’s face it, most of us have a soft spot for gutsy and grandiose displays of affection. This is the reason why marriage proposal videos on youtube continue to rack up views that give the twerking phenomenon a run for its money. We just can’t get enough of either.

If you’re a girl wanting to drop a hint, a guy needing some ideas, or a couple dreaming of becoming the next viral sensation, here are ten of the best youtube proposal videos at your disposal. Do with them what you must.

10. Geekdom

Although the video isn’t the cutest or the most romantic, we have to give kudos to the concept; a guy designed an actual video game for his soon-to-be bride. If nothing else, it’s an “A” for effort.

9. Teleprompter

Some people make headlines. Others read headlines. This bride-in-the-making gets to do both thanks to this proposal video that has gone viral, and it was even featured on CNN. We’re sure the ratings boost didn’t hurt either.

8. Memefied
What better way to make sure that your proposal video goes viral than to memefy the whole thing? Plus, no one can ever go wrong with a cat picture, or an awkward penguin.

7. Old Spice

Not everyone can hire a celebrity to propose on his behalf and not all celebrities are amenable to become someone else’s scapegoat (for lack of a better word). So either the guy behind this proposal is really loaded or the Old Spice guy is really cheap. Maybe both, but it’s still great!

6. British Accent

We have mentioned earlier that no one can go wrong with a cat picture. Same goes with a British accent (and humor). Whoever Sarah is, we can assume she said yes to this Hugh Grantish guy. We might suggest a haircut before the wedding, though.

5. The Proposal

No, it isn’t a Youtube clip of the Sandra Bullock movie, but it’s long enough to feel like you’re watching one. Justin put together this high production-value viral video to give a real Hollywood feel to his proposal to girlfriend Emily. If you have 30 minutes to spare, it gets you right in the feels. And the good news is that it’s straight to DVD, so you can fast-forward if you want.

4. Up in the Air

If you can get over the skyline and the temporary heart attack, this has to be one of the best proposals ever. You almost feel bad for her, but then you remember that she agreed to marry a guy who has a plane. Bad feelings gone!

3. Flash Mob

Anyone who can pull off a flash mob not only deserves a yes from his girl, but, more importantly (because we have to get our priorities straight), his very own spot on the viral hall of fame also. There’s no arguing with a drum line.

2. Bruno Mars

Who says dubbed over singing is just for Glee? Filled with all kinds of quirky goodness, this proposal is one of the cutest and most emotional on the list. Perhaps that’s why it has the second highest views.

1. Official Trailer

Trailers are normally packed with everything that’s good and exciting about a movie. If this guy’s trailer lives up to its promise, then she’s in for a pretty good movie – uh- marriage. The live reaction is priceless, and definitely what nets this the ranking of number one on our list.

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