Unique Promise Ring Ideas for Her

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

When presenting a promise ring to symbolize a new commitment milestone in a relationship, consider all the design possibilities before committing. While it’s true that the traditional promise ring is often a diminutive diamond solitaire, the ring can—and should—reflect the individuality of the recipient.

You may have to click away from the stock preset promise rings to find your dream design, and don’t be afraid to search through the wedding band selection during your hunt. Promise rings can be a simple band—like a wedding band—or they may include dots of diamonds, colored gemstones, personal engravings or other intricate details.

Broaden your ring search to include different styles until you find one that you feel matches your promise perfectly. If you’re on the hunt for a unique promise ring style for her, check out these designs for inspiration!

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

Black Tie

Almost every woman loves the little black dress (or LBD!). The look is elegant, flattering and a timeless classic wardrobe staple. If she loves sleek elegance but also has a little bit of a fun flair to her style, choose the ring version of the LBD—black diamonds! A sleek white gold or platinum Inset Black Diamond Band in White Gold creates a playful and unique promised statement.

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

For a twist on the traditional promise ring design, you also may choose a black diamond solitaire. While you can opt for a larger carat size, don’t go too bold otherwise the promised statement may be mistaken for an engagement ring. Add a diamond halo or a gemstone halo to make the bold dark diamond take center stage.

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

Colorful Inlay Bands

Inlays offer an eye-catching design within a simpler band. Most inlay bands are budget-friendly and create extraordinarily unique rings.

Different types of inlays also may be used to add color or texture within a ring, and can be an alternative to traditional gemstone details. Opal often is used as an inlay in bands and adds visual interest as well as a pop of color. Blue opal insets create cool depth, while red opal inlay rings signify fire and passion!

You also can choose out-of-this-world inlays like meteorite or even dinosaur bone. These choices are a clever way to symbolize an infinite promise—Gibeon meteorite is, after all, billions of years old! The rugged appearance of meteorite and dinosaur bone also creates a casual laid-back look.

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

Gemstones & Diamonds

A dazzling gemstone ring featuring an arrangement of several stones can create the bold look of a large solitaire without being mistaken for an engagement ring. You can create row of tiny colored gemstones, or indulge in a larger three-stone setting.

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

You can also opt for an eternity band style ring, or mix in diamonds for an alternating look. If you decide to add a center diamond to your promise ring, we recommend that the center stone not exceed a quarter of a carat. The Domed Promise Ring with a Round Diamond in Yellow Gold features a center stone diamond but illustrates the subtlety we recommend for a promise ring.

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

Engraved Sentiments

The best promise rings carry personal sentiment. Choose a plain band and engrave your own message, or opt for symbolic scrollwork like Celtic knots or even Biblical scripture. Scrollwork, engravings and etched details dramatically elevate a ring’s design without the use of gemstones or diamonds.

Promise Ring Ideas for Her

One of the most popular bands features The Song of Solomon inscribed in Hebrew. It’s simple, but symbolic and classic. And, yes, everyone will ask what it means.

There are dozens of dazzling promise ring designs waiting to be discovered. If you don’t want the traditional stock design for your beloved’s promise ring, search through engagement ring or wedding band designs to find unique inspiration. You will find the ring of her dreams to seal your symbolic promise!

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