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The Asscher Cut Diamond

At Brilliance, we offer the most popular diamond shapes in our certified loose diamond search and fine jewelry selection. In the upcoming months we will be featuring different diamond shapes on the Brilliance Blog, starting with the Asscher cut diamond.

In 1902, Abraham and Joseph Asscher, owners of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, utilized the step cutting and faceting techniques of an Emerald cut, but modified its design by making it perfectly square with cropped corners. Named after its inventors, the result of their design was the modern Asscher cut diamond. Like an Emerald cut, the faceting of a well-cut Asscher diamond will create an illusion likened to a hallway of reflecting mirrors. Today, new cutting techniques are yielding Asscher cut diamonds of stunning brilliance.  Whether your style is Vintage or Modern, Asscher cut diamonds are a wonderful choice to consider.

Sparkle and art deco allure make Asscher cut diamonds extremely popular in today’s market. Recently, celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon have chosen the Asscher cut diamond for their engagement rings and the shape was even featured on the hit show Sex and the City.

When selecting an Asscher diamond, loose or set, look for the color to be rated no less than an ‘I’. It is advisable to select a clarity of ‘SI1’ or higher, as inclusions are seen more easily in Asscher cut certified diamonds. In reference to depth and table percentages, 55% – 72% are considered acceptable. Lastly, we recommend choosing a loose diamond certified by GIA, as their diamond grading is the most accurate and consistent.

If you would like more information on the Asscher cut diamond or any other shape please visit our diamond shape section on Brilliance.com. To start you search for a Asscher loose diamond start with our online diamond search.