Top 5 Santa Surprise Marriage Proposals!

Surprise Marriage Proposals

December is the most popular month to pop the question. The first month of winter holds holiday magic that inspires many to profess their undying love and slip an engagement ring onto the finger of their beloved.

Maybe it’s the cuddly feelings when you get around a warm fire or the festive air of happiness and love and the presence of family. Or maybe an engagement ring is simply the perfect present.

For men (or women!) who plan to sneak a stealthy, surprise engagement into their holiday plans, this list of creatively cool Secret Santa proposals is the gift that keeps on giving (and, no, the Jelly of the Month Club has no place on this list):

A Little Help From Santa

A time honored tradition in every major American mall is snapping a photo with Santa Claus himself. While the line is usually full of children looking to share what they want to find most under the Christmas tree, this could also be the perfect opportunity for you to surprise your loved one with a bout of nostalgia! Suggest your next Christmas photo to be with the big guy himself, and then secretly team up with the staff to surprise her with a ring.

A Romantic Sleigh Ride

Plan a horse-drawn carriage (or sleigh) ride through a park on a perfect snowy winter evening. The sound of hoofbeats and the lightly dropping snow adds electric sparkle in the cold night. Take in the beauty of festive light displays and romantic scenery, and snuggle together under a heavy blanket with steaming cups of hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows). A scene that is straight out of a movie—or a holiday card—creates an unforgettable backdrop for a romantic holiday proposal. While dropping on one knee might be difficult, presenting the ring in the midst of a wintry wonderland easily makes up for the lack of bended knee.

mid adult caucasian couple taking a sleigh ride

Make the ring’s presentation more memorable by wrapping the ring box in a lovely heavy silver (or gold) foil paper and top the present with an elegant red grosgrain (or velvet) ribbon. You’ll be the personal Santa to your partner on this romantic sleigh ride that ends in a “Yes!”.

A Stocking Stuffer Proposal

Buy a bunch of silly and inexpensive gifts to present to the future betrothed on the holiday. Make each gift slightly quirky or even ‘practical!’ Wrap some cookware, socks, gloves, a heated ice-scraper.

young couple with gifts sitting on carpet at home

Buy things that he/she needs or items that are just outlandish or silly. No worries, because the best gift is for last. Offer up the big gift when you see the frustration levels start to rise. Wrap the ring or simply have it ready to pop out for an unexpected proposal that will make the humor of the stocking stuffer style gifts completely apparent.

Recruit Family Members For A Christmas Surprise

The holidays usually mean relatives from near and far will finally all be in one place. This is your chance to include everyone in this special moment, from both your and your significant other’s families. Walk her through your neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights and then end in a park with everyone to surprise her.

showing group of friends having fun with sparklers

Oh, Holy Night

The magic of Christmas feels the strongest on Christmas Eve. The stars twinkling in the night sky were once the same stars that looked down on a humble manger, and the brightest star guided the shepherds and wise men to the little town of Bethlehem. The holidays are often packed with gifts, sweets and food. They’re stuffed with consumerism and frivolities. The greatest gift, however, is each other. Propose somewhere simple. Somewhere that means something to both of you.

silhouette of a young man down on one knee and holding a diamond engagement ring proposing to his girlfriend

Perhaps under Christmas Eve’s magical night sky at the place where you first met, or stay up watching those classic Christmas movies and propose as Christmas Eve turns to Christmas Day.

Every engagement story is amazing and beautiful, and the holiday season adds to the magic of a perfect proposal. This magical moment will be marked in your memory forever. Tell us about your love story, the details of your holiday proposal and, of course, the ring in a comment below or on the Brilliance Facebook page.

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