Round Halo vs. Square Halo Diamond Rings

Square Halo Diamond Rings

When it comes to that special diamond ring that every woman dreams about, it has to be something special! As you get down on one knee, you’ll want to present the love of your life with something that sparkles, something that she’ll be proud to wear, and something that signifies your undying love for her. A diamond ring with a halo is the perfect way to do just that, and today we’re exploring the differences between round and square halo diamond rings.

The Halo Craze

In general, rings with a halo have been a huge craze in recent years. And while there’s no doubt that these rings are aesthetically pleasing, what else makes them so wildly popular? There are several reasons for their uptick in popularity. First, they offer a modern and timeless look, while simultaneously fitting in with current trends.

Additionally, a halo setting offers protection to the center stone. This setting also creates somewhat of an illusion, making the center stone appear to be larger than it may look in other settings.

Besides the fact that the smaller diamonds within the halo help to create a lustrous and dazzling look overall, the last thing that makes the halo setting so special is that it can be done in a multitude of shapes – including round and square halo designs.

Round Halo Diamond Rings

A round halo diamond ring has many benefits to it, besides being an obviously beautiful design to sport on a ring finger.

First, an abundance of center stones that are a part of a round halo ring have a brilliant cut. The cut of a diamond and its ability to reflect light controls the fire and brilliance level that it possesses. A round diamond with a brilliant cut is sure to be extremely sparkly and eye-catching, and come on, who doesn’t love looking at that all day, every day?

Round cut diamonds are also extremely popular, making them readily available when you’re ready to make a purchase. Finally, this cut boasts the advantage of not having any sharp corners to it, making it less likely to catch on things and the stone is less likely to chip.

Square Halo Diamond Rings

Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum

Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum (1/2 Ctw)

A sparkly square halo diamond ring is another great option for your dream girl. Take our Square Halo Diamond ring in Platinum, for instance. A center stone surrounded by twenty-eight round cut diamonds are set on a platinum ring, giving you the chance to pick a center stone of your choice – and you can even customize the shape of that stone. This customization and dimension of design is one of the benefits of this type of halo diamond ring.

While the round diamond halo creates a more delicate and feminine look, a square halo diamond ring poses more of a bold statement for a girl who is stylish and demands attention. Paired with a platinum band, this will prove to be a sturdy ring that is built to stand the test of time while giving that someone special the beautiful accessory that she will forever treasure.

square halo diamond ring

The love of your life deserves for all of her wishes to come true, so take a step towards dazzling her with the ring of her dreams. Browse our full selection of engagement rings and consider presenting your significant other with a round or square halo diamond ring to truly wow her and to win her heart over for good.

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