How to Buy Diamonds On The Internet

How to Buy Diamonds on the Internet

How to buy diamonds on the internet is a major topic of conversation for those in the market for engagement rings or other statement jewelry pieces. There are a lot of reasons to consider purchasing diamonds through an online retailer, including price and selection.

To know how to buy diamonds on the internet will help you determine the best deals and get exactly what you want and when you want it. Before you start your online shopping, consider these steps to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Here’s how to buy diamonds on the internet in 6 simple steps:

  • Set Your Budget
  • Choose the Best Site
  • Verify Certifications
  • Assess Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat
  • Choose the Setting
  • Give Yourself Time
Buying a diamond online

Why Shop Online

Buying a diamond online has a lot of benefits. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is big for a lot of people. You have access to a wider selection as well as loose diamonds that can be used for a custom setting of your choice.

While this is convenience shopping at its finest, is it really okay to buy a diamond sight-unseen? Once you have a plan and know what you’re doing, you can be very comfortable with the process and know you’re getting the best quality diamond.

Engagement Rings and More

One of the biggest diamond purchases anyone makes is an engagement ring. Whether you want just one solitaire in a simple setting or a more artistic approach with multiple diamonds, knowing what you want to buy and the best place to find it is your top priority.

There may be other diamond purchases you’ll want to make as well. Diamonds are incredible gifts all year long for a variety of reasons. You may also want to treat yourself after a milestone accomplishment or just because.

Set Your Budget

The very first step, before you shop online or in a store, is to determine your budget. If you know exactly how much you want to spend, you can establish exactly what diamond you can get for that price. Your budget affects the size or quality of the diamond.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to a budget. There was a time when the person asking was expected to pay 3-months salary on a ring. That is an outdated tradition and no longer the norm. The true cost of your ring should take into account what you can afford and the type or style of ring your finance would love.

Assess Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat

Diamonds are valued in terms of the 4 C’s

These criteria will tell you exactly the quality of diamond you’re getting.

When the cut is measured in terms of diamond quality, they are looking at more than just the specific design of the ring. It takes into account the attributes that make up the diamond’s sparkle, which are referred to as brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

A diamond is rated on a color scale of D to Z. A D-color diamond is considered clear and colorless, which is the ideal standard but it is extremely rare to find. If you are considering a fancy color diamond, the color quality is judged by a different standard.

Clarity measures the flawlessness of the diamond. Inclusions, or small flaws, are natural in diamonds but the value of the stone will be directly related to the amount of blemishes. Fewer inclusions means a higher grade for clarity.

Finally, carat is the measurement most people are familiar with. Generally considered the size of the diamond, it actually measures the weight.

Choose the Setting

The setting for your diamond will depend on a number of factors. Some people like to buy loose diamonds online in order to update an heirloom setting. Or you may wish you do something custom. There are also a variety of simple options that may be fit for you and your partner.

Before you buy a diamond online, consider the options. If your partner knows you’ll be popping the question, include them in the process of choosing a ring style. If it is intended to be a surprise, take some time to learn what will be a good fit.

difference between buying online and buying at a local jewelry store

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The biggest difference between buying online and buying at a local jewelry store is the time it takes to receive your diamond. When you’re considering how to buy diamonds on the internet, know that you need to give yourself plenty of time to have it shipped to you.

Buying online may take several weeks for your purchase to arrive. Brilliance normally takes between 10 to 15 days to deliver your product after the order is placed. Consider this if you need the loose diamond or a full setting for a certain occasion or date.

Talk to an Expert

You don’t have to do this alone. When buying a diamond online, you still have access to experts who can help you through the process. You can talk to them over the phone or through the online chat function to help you find all the information you need.

You can also verify their certifications throughout the process. A quality ring will be assessed by a gemological laboratory and certified with it’s 4 Cs and overall quality. You definitely want to make sure your diamond certification matches, so even if a jeweler offers their own in-house certification, you may want to get it appraised for insurance purposes.

How to Buy Diamonds on the Internet

Your beloved deserves the very best ring you can get. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or shop in a crowded mall to find the perfect diamond or setting.

To know how to buy diamonds on the internet is a skill for the future that will help you choose the best diamond, best setting, and have it shipped to you with complete confidence that you’re making the right choice.  Shop safely, shop Brilliance!