How to Pick the Right Diamond Cut For Her Personality

Diamond Cut for Personality

If you’re ready to buy a diamond for your loved one, you will want a diamond that will blow her away! What better way is there than to pick a diamond shape perfectly matched to her personality?

Your bride-to-be is going to be wearing this diamond for the rest of her life, so it should be well-suited to her personal tastes. Is she an ambitious extrovert? A laid-back adventurer?

Diamonds say a lot about someone’s sense of style, and they have the added benefit of that extra, stand-out sparkle that really makes a statement.

With so many diamond cuts to choose from, you may not know which cut will fit her best. We’ll help you figure it out!

With our diamond cut personalty quiz, you’ll be able to find the ideal shape for your beloved!

diamond cut for personality

  1. Her everyday go-to outfit is best described as…
  1. Sporty and comfortable. Yoga pants and comfort are key!
  2. Always on trend. Chic and always put together, she would not be seen in anything but the latest style.
  3. Vintage-inspired beauty. Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O. are her style icons. She loves old-Hollywood glamour… and the beauty and refined looks of the Camelot era.
  4. Basic and simple. She always looks put together, but she doesn’t love following the latest style. She sticks with classic, never-failing styles that you can wear for several years.diamond cut for personality
  1. Her favorite shoes…
  1. Are comfortable new trainers.
  2. Come straight off the runway.
  3. Are classic heels or kitten pumps.
  4. Change by the day… but they are never overly fussy or hurt her feet.diamond cut for personality
  1.  An ideal dream honeymoon means…
  1. Adventures! Scuba diving, wind surfing, and lots of exploring beyond the resort.
  2. An all inclusive island getaway that features a spa and all the best amenities.
  3. Acapulco—that is, after all, where John and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned!
  4. Somewhere romantic—but budget friendly. She’d love to head to Hawaii, though!diamond cut for personality
  1. Pick an adjective that fits her personality…
  1. Energetic!
  2. Glamorous.
  3. Classic.
  4. Easygoing.diamond cut for personality
  1. What is most important to you in her ring…
  1. Functionality.
  2. Sparkle and style!
  3. Vintage inspiration.
  4. Versatility.diamond cut for personality

Mostly A’s

Your love is an outgoing adventure-seeker who doesn’t fuss too much with style. She needs a diamond that will be up to taking on the explorations of your life together. Choose the tried-and-true round brilliant or oval shapes, which look great in protective bezel settings (a must-have setting for more active individuals). The longer oval also has a slenderizing effect for her finger!

diamond cut for personality

Mostly B’s

The fashionable fashionista! If it’s hot off the runways of Fashion Week, she has to have it! Choose modern and contemporary shapes that scream “look at me!” We love statement rings featuring the unique pear, the fiery radiant and the shape that’s truly made for style royalty: the marquise! Want to rock an even bolder shape? Choose a heart! The unconventional shape perfectly matched Lady Gaga’s iconic and extraordinary style.

diamond cut for personality

Mostly C’s

Your partner is a vintage-loving lady! Grace Kelly, move over! She’ll want a diamond that is inspired by the cuts of eras past—those that channel Art Deco intricacies and demure debutante details. Choose shapes like the emerald and Asscher which feature step-facet cuts (Jackie’s engagement ring from JFK was pure vintage magnificence!). Cushion diamonds also feature prominently in vintage designs from Victorian or Art Nouveau styles.

diamond cut for personality

Mostly D’s

Style chameleon! She likes classic designs that never fade with the fads. Her diamond shape needs to match her versatile style, so choose classic shapes like round brilliant or princess. Or opt for an cushion, one of the most enduring shapes that fits with modern and vintage styles alike..

No matter what diamond draws your attention, make sure your choice truly fits her. Let her finger flash the perfect shape of sparkling Brilliance!

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