5 Reasons She will love a Sapphire Promise Ring

Sapphire Promise Rings

September ushers in the beginning of fall, cooler weather (in some parts!) and gorgeous blue sapphires. The sapphire is September’s birthstone, and this striking gem is the ideal choice to incorporate when presenting your beloved with a promise ring in the month that marks the autumn equinox.

According to the American Gem Society, the sapphire was once believed to represent heaven “and attracted divine favor and wise judgment.” The AGS’s also notes that the sapphire was considered by Buddhists to be representative of spiritual enlightenment and adorned ecclesiastical rings that were worn by Christian kings.

Sapphires can be considered—by historical accounts—a spiritual or sacred stone, as the calming blue color of the sapphire alludes to the blue skies and the ever-moving waters of the ocean. However, while many hold blue to be the characteristic color of the sapphire, sapphires actually come in many colors—including pink, yellow, orange and even white (or colorless).

However, it is the velvet blue color that is often synonymous with the month of September.

If you’re prepared to make a promised commitment during September, symbolize the moment forever by choosing a sapphire as the ring’s centerpiece stone. If commemorating the month of the promise isn’t a big enough reason to choose the sapphire, consider these five reasons sapphires make an excellent choice.

crude sapphire stone

1. They are one of the hardest gemstones.

For a ring that will be worn almost all day every day, durability is a concern. Everyone knows that diamonds are the hardest gemstone, but sapphires aren’t far behind. A sapphire promise ring will look beautiful for many years—with care, of course—and your partner can feel confident that the stone won’t be prone to excessive wear and tear.

sapphire promise rings


2. Sapphires grace the hands—and heads—of royalty.

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was—and is—iconic. Now that stunning stone surrounded by multitudes of diamonds graces the hand of Duchess Kate. Sapphires are the centerpiece of Queen Elizabeth II’s Modern Sapphire Tiara, also. How can you say no to a stone that has such royal pedigree?

Pink sapphire

3. You can pick any color!

If your partner doesn’t love blue, choose a sapphire in green, yellow, orange…or perfect pink! A pink sapphire ring is striking and pairs beautifully with dazzling white diamonds or just as a small solitaire in white gold. For those who want a unique looking stone, there also is a color of sapphire called padparadscha, which looks almost like millennial pink or even a salmon color.

Pave Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring

Pave Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring

4. A hue on the hand creates conversation.

Color on the finger draws the eye and demands attention. And your promise deserves a little attention. The beauty of the sapphire is that its many variants of color all create striking contrast on the hand. While diamonds are a traditional gemstone for promise rings, colored gemstones are a more modern choice and have seen a surge in popularity as center stones in rings. Consider it the Kate Effect (as in the Duchess!).

Marquise Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents

Marquise Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents

5. Sapphires can be bigger…and bolder!

Diamonds may be the hardest gemstone, but they can also be the most expensive. Choosing a sapphire for a promise ring allows the choice of bigger carats for the solitaire or center stone. Add small diamond side stones next to a larger sapphire or surround it with a diamond halo. Just make sure you don’t go too bold with the carat size, as the ring could be mistaken for an engagement ring.

For a September promised commitment, sapphires are the natural choice for the ring’s showstopper stone. Not only is the sapphire September’s birthstone, but it’s also one of the most popular colored gemstones and can be found in almost every color of the rainbow. The sapphire is truly a gemstone that offers a multi-hued palette of Brilliance!