Diamonds in Detail: Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess-Cut Diamonds

It’s a moment you’ve seen dozens of times in movies, on TV, or even recorded for posterity (or just entertainment) on YouTube. An adorable couple, truly in love, go out for a special occasion, and part way through, it happens. Maybe a flash mob breaks into song and dance; maybe their parents peek out from a hiding place; maybe there are candles on the ground spelling out those four magic words. But though the players change, the song remains the same–a song that leads to someone on one knee, holding up a box with a ring inside.

Your engagement ring is, without question, one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will own in your lifetime. It is a memento of the day you said “yes,” the official start of your life with the person you love. A ring with this much personal value will be something you’ll cherish for years – possibly even something you’ll pass on to future generations – which might be why deciding on the perfect ring can seem like a daunting task.

On your first visit to the jewelry store, you are certain to see diamonds of all sizes and shapes that catch your eye. You’ll also be met with a whole host of questions: Do you want your ring to be timeless and classic, or modern and trendy? Do you want a large, flashy diamond or a subtle, modest one? Do you want a colored diamond, or something crystal clear?

Princess Cut Diamonds

If all these ideas have your head swimming, why not take a look at a diamond that has it all: the princess cut. This diamond is one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. Stars like Jamie Pressly, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Sherri Shepherd all wear a princess cut on their left hands. It is a diamond that marries a classic look with modern flair.

The many facets on the pavilion (or bottom portion) of the diamond reflect light beautifully and capture that fiery sparkle you want to see in your engagement ring. It is the type of diamond that really makes a statement when you enter the room. The princess cut is a diamond well-suited to many settings, which also makes it an ideal cut for a groom’s wedding band. If you and your partner want to sport matching bands, or are looking for some thematic symmetry at least, the princess cut lends itself to beautiful rings for you both.    

While other trends have come and gone, princess cut engagement rings have held their own as a popular pick. But what is it that makes this diamond so attractive to so many people? This infographic will tell you all you need to know. Take a look!

Princess Cut Diamonds