Gift Giving Guide: Jewelry for Men!

Jewelry for Men

Whether you’re preparing for the holiday season or celebrating an accomplishment, you might be poring over ideas for what you should give to the special men in your life. Few gifts are as lasting and meaningful as a piece of fine jewelry. But, with all of the different styles, materials, and price points in the market, it can seem overwhelming.

Jewelry is steadily growing in popularity for men across all demographics and styles. Each element can have a different meaning or purpose, so choosing something that applies to the occasion while also representing his personal style is crucial. From gold watches and cufflinks to wooden rings and alternative metals, here is a comprehensive guide for selecting the perfect piece for your loved one.

Christmas/Holidays: Give him the gift of timeless cheer

The holidays are the season of giving and whether you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or something bigger to blow him away, this is the time to make a statement. For many of us in the northern hemisphere, the holidays are synonymous with staying cozy by the fire surrounded by our loved ones – as well as giving and receiving presents. Gifts aren’t the only important thing about this time of year, but they do play a significant role in how we show others how much we care about them. For the main men in your life, express these feelings by giving him something he won’t simply toss in a closet and forget about.

Rings with Texture

Metals and stones are always a fitting choice for holiday gifts, and that doesn’t necessarily mean diamonds. Other clear stones such as moissanite and white topaz are stunning, and more affordable, alternatives that still have the shine and clarity that you’d expect from a comparable diamond. For something more simple, consider giving your special someone a textured ring in a light metal. Wedding rings can be used as a gesture of renewal, or even for one of his other fingers. This titanium ring with a frosty, satin finish is a lovely holiday gift option for both married and unmarried couples.

Sectional Men's Wedding Ring In Titanium

Sectional Men’s Wedding Ring In Titanium

Gemstone Bracelets

For someone who believes in the balancing energy of various stones and minerals, a bracelet that incorporates specific gems such as tiger’s eye or moss agate would be a thoughtful and considerate holiday gift. If fashion is his focus, an eye-catching gold cuff would certainly put a smile on his face. The gift-giving season is more about the experience than the gifts themselves, but you can’t put a price on the feeling you’ll get when you watch him open up the box.

Anniversaries: Think big!

As far as important occasions go, anniversaries top the list. When it comes to celebrating something as monumental as a marriage, engagement, or partnership, you want to choose a gift that mirrors the bond you share with your special someone. This is the time to give them something personal and unique that they’ll cherish forever.

Matching Rings

His-and-hers rings are a steadfast and symbolic option that can be customized to fit just about any style. He can wear them in coordination with his wedding band, or as an additional piece. Some popular styles include black diamonds or opal, which could easily match a ring of your choice in the same metal or design.

Diamond Cufflinks

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also the perfect accessory for a man. Few substances are as precious and withstanding as a diamond and, aside from a wedding or engagement, an anniversary is one of the best reasons to give him one. If he wears a suit quite often, he likely also wears French-cuffed shirts, so diamond-encrusted cufflinks in gold, platinum, or palladium are a luxurious and practical gift. Classic and universal, cufflinks have been a staple in the jewelry collections of many men for hundreds of years.

A Chain in Gold or Platinum

Chains are also common and versatile pieces that can be either worn on top of or under clothes, depending on the occasion or his personal style. Consider getting him a box or Figaro chain in yellow or white gold, or a thin rope chain in platinum. For a touch of luxury without too much flash, add a diamond or two to the clasp instead of in a pendant. While consistently on trend, classic chains have stood the test of time and will surely remain a standard piece for years to come.

Birthdays: Make it all about him

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to give him a highly personalized piece of jewelry that reflects a key part of his personality, such as a main interest or trait. For an outdoorsy type, think about giving him a ring that matches his passion for nature. If he’s a seasoned fisher, choose a piece that represents his favorite hobby. What better way to celebrate his special day than to give him something that’s unique and specifically for him?

Laser Carved Forest Pattern Men's Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Laser Carved Forest Pattern Men’s Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Stud Earrings

Giving him jewelry that incorporates his birthstone is also a fun way to personalize his gift. If he wears earrings, a pair of simple studs with one of his birthstones – some months have multiple options – is an easy but meaningful way to show how much you care for any man in your life. Birthstones are also quite neutral, making them appropriate gifts for your partner, father, brother, or even close friend. Adding a few little stones to a watch face or chain can give it a splash of color while also customizing the piece specifically for the recipient. It’s a small gesture that truly make a big impact.

Money Clips & Keyrings

If you are especially close with a long-time boss or colleague, giving them a piece of jewelry can be a positive way to show the caliber of your professional relationship. Think about giving him a useful item such as an elegant money clip, or a framed keyring to showcase a photo of his family. If you want to personalize it further, engraving the piece with a monogram or a small symbol that reflects his industry or occupation can leave a lasting impression. In this case, more simple pieces can show them you value the role they play in their life while still appropriately representing the nature of your relationship. A piece of jewelry is also much more substantial than the usual mug or pen, which would likely get thrown into a cabinet or drawer over time.

Accomplishments: Say “Congratulations!” with style

For a gift that will show him how proud you are, opt for something that’s related to the milestone he is celebrating. Whether he is completing a educational degree or is getting promoted at work, an engraved watch band or bar bracelet will always remind him of how amazing it felt to meet his goal. Even a high-quality pocket knife with a mother-of-pearl or obsidian inlay can be personalized by many jewelers, and it’s something that he can keep with him and use regularly.

Engraved Jewelry

There’s no limit to the types of jewelry you can individualize to honor the important men in your life, but make sure your gift reflects his lifestyle and needs. A diamond pendant may not be for everyone, but maybe a tungsten or gold key ring engraved with a congratulatory message would be more appropriate. You want to find a balance between usability and timeliness that also reflects the specific event he’s celebrating.

Personalized Touches

If he is celebrating something that is related to a specific region or location, giving him a piece of jewelry that incorporates local elements is an interesting way to preserve the memory of his accomplishment. If he won a deep-sea fishing competition off the Pacific Coast, consider getting him a bar bracelet with abalone details. If he finished his first marathon in Australia, an opal pendant or lanyard clip would be a spot-on reminder that he can carry with him after the event.

Accomplishments are an excellent time to get creative and really think outside of the box, and giving him jewelry allows you to use a wide array of mediums and design options to perfectly match the occasion. Onyx and black diamonds are striking and modern, while topaz and goldstone are warm and playful. You can have some fun experimenting with metals, stones, shapes, and designs, and he’ll get a individualized piece of jewelry that will serve as a long-term reminder of the day he achieved his goal.

Men's Tungsten Wedding Ring With Blue Ceramic

Men’s Tungsten Wedding Ring With Blue Ceramic

As with any gift, the more you know about the recipient, the easier it is to find a piece of jewelry they’ll love and cherish forever. Depending on the occasion and the personal preferences of your loved one, you can gauge what pieces would be a good fit for your investment.

You might opt for something traditional like a pair of I-shaped cufflinks, or a more modern and alternative piece like a grooved thumb ring in rose gold. Even less conventional materials like blackened cobalt and ceramic can add some edge, making your gift even more special and memorable.

From understated and classy to bold and striking, there are no limits to the pieces you can find and create to perfectly represent his unique style and aesthetic.

Jewelry for Men