10 Ideas to Build a Ring for Your Best Girlfriend!

Ring for Your Best Girlfriend

Are you shopping for your BFF? Whether it’s her birthday, a celebration of many long years of friendship, her bachelorette party, or just because, say how much you appreciate her with a customized ring that will serve as the perfect daily reminder of your friendship.

You could opt for something truly flashy if you’re celebrating many years being each other’s “person” or go for a simpler, more understated design, particularly if you haven’t been best friends for all that long. There are so many options from gemstone stunners to celebrating your birthdays with a birthstone ring to engravings and more.

No matter whether your girl is your one and only ride or die or just one of many important people in your girl squad, show her how much she means to you with a one-of-a-kind gift. Here are 10 unique ideas for how to build the perfect friendship ring for your BFF no matter the occasion:

Pave Sapphire Ring In White Gold

Pave Sapphire Ring In White Gold


One of the best ways to customize a ring is with the intended recipient’s birthstone. If you opt for a platinum, silver, or gold band, get their birthstone embedded in the band or go for something more flashy with a prominent center stone. If you really want to celebrate your friendship, put their birthstone front and center, but then flank it with your birthstone so as to reinforce just how much you always support each other.

A 3D ring

Want something truly custom? Then 3D print your friend’s ring. With the magic of 3D printers, you can print a ring that is the precise size and measurement of your friend’s hand. You can even try out gemstone shapes and sizes with the printer as well to make sure the ring is precisely what you want.


Send a message, literally with your ring. You can get your ring engraved with any message of your choosing (as long as it’s not too lengthy) to show your friend just how much you love them. Consider options like their name, both of your initials, a favorite scrap of poetry or inside joke, or even something as simple as the letters “BFF.”

Custom ring design

You can build a ring from the ground-up to make everything just as your BFF likes it. Choose everything from her favorite metal (options include platinum, rose gold, silver, tungsten, white gold, yellow gold, and more) to her favorite gemstones to the cut of the stones to the ring setting itself (everything from halo to antique to solitaire to embedded and more are available). Every aspect of the ring is customizable to make sure it’s the perfect pick for your bestie.

Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay Wedding Ring Set In White And Yellow Gold

Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay Wedding Ring Set In White And Yellow Gold

Fingerprint rings

Take the idea of a friendship ring to the next level with a fingerprint ring. Get matching rings made with your and your bestie’s fingerprints engraved onto the band of the ring. If your BFF  is always with you like a handprint on your heart, make sure they know it, by literally giving them a ring with your fingerprint to wear around — and to make it extra special, wear a matching ring with their fingerprint too.

Claddagh rings

Give your friend one of the oldest, most enduring signs of true friendship and affection in the world — a claddagh ring, which dates back to the time of the Ancient Romans. It bears the symbol of a crowned heart held by two hands. The hands are a symbol of friendship, the heart of love, and the crown representative of loyalty. Sometimes these Irish rings are used as special symbols of romance to denote the wearer’s relationship status, but they can also be a powerful sign of your regard for a long treasured friend.

A diamond friendship

If you’re celebrating many, many years of friendship (or happen to just be looking to splurge), consider something extra special and sparkly — a diamond is forever after all. This inset diamond ring is a beautiful, elegant example of how to give a diamond ring without looking like an engagement ring. Tell your BFF your friendship is forever with a touch of elegance and a gorgeous diamond ring.

Colorful gemstones

Whether your friend’s favorite color is blue, green, purple, red, or something else entirely, make them a ring that shows how much you care. Whether you’re using only one stone or multiple, you can use color as the focal point of your ring or as an accent. Choose a gemstone in your friend’s favorite color and then select a setting that is perfect for them, whether it’s something edgy and modern, elegant and timeless, or something retro and antique looking.

Lyria Leaves Wedding Band In Rose Gold By Parade

“Lyria Leaves” Wedding Band In Rose Gold By Parade

Think pink!

Does your bestie just love everything girly and pink? Celebrate this fun part of her personality with a customized pink ring, whether you opt for a playful pink band like this Lyria Leaves band or a ring in rose gold or you really kick things up a notch with a pink gemstone or pink diamond.

Let your friendship bloom

Friendship is like a garden — for it to grow, it must be tended carefully with love and lots of attention. You planted the seed of your friendship some time ago, but now show your bestie how beautiful you think the bloom of it is with a floral inspired ring. Options include a floral engraved band or a flashy center stone in a setting that evokes a blooming rose or something even more unique like this budding rose designer look.

Whether you choose a ring for your friend that’s a pricey gemstone or something more simple, tell them how much they mean to you with a ring customized to your friendship and all the things you love to share.

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