The Importance of Choosing the Right Ring Setting

Oval Ring Settings

Don’t say that ring setting is not important! Choose the wrong ring setting will destroy the jewel beauty! Nowadays, the ring has long changed from a simple “sentimental token” to common jewelry. There are more and more people who like to wear a ring.

What people are most concerned about when choosing a ring: The ring style? Or the gems above? When most people buy a ring, they only care about whether the gem family necklace is big enough and shiny enough, very few people really notice the ring setting, sometimes even to save money on a budget, they will just buy a cheap ring setting.

If the gem is a face, then the ring setting is the “inside” that is known by itself whether it is cold or warm. Don’t just look at the “face” and regardless of “inside”, the consequences of doing so will not only make the overall value of the ring ugly 10 times but also possibly destroy the jewel above, Worst of all, it could hurt our fingers!

In addition to picking styles and gems, don’t forget to pay more attention to the following ring settings. If you feel that the ring is not comfortable, or not beautiful enough, it is probably the ring setting that’s gone wrong! The common ring setting materials on the market are nothing more than the following: gold, silver, K gold, and platinum. These four materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pull it out and compare it: Platinum>Gold>K Gold>Silver.

Undoubtedly, the most expensive of these four materials are platinum, followed by gold. If you want to preserve value and extravagance, it is recommended to choose these two materials. If you want cost performance, the price of K gold customized necklace is relatively higher. K gold>Platinum>Gold>Silver. K gold is the “dominant party” in the inlay market, in addition to high-cost performance, it is because of its high hardness, not easy to deform. K gold is the hardest of these materials.

Right Ring Setting

These low-hardness materials like gold and silver are easily deformed. When inlaid with some precious stones or high-hardness stones, they are rarely considered. Platinum, K gold> Gold, silver. Although some love the radish cabbage, but in terms of fashion, platinum and K gold are obviously higher than gold and silver, if you like fashion sense, you can choose the first two. If you like traditional style, you can choose the latter two.

The worn silver rings have a special retro feel. The difference between different people’s wearing effects is quite large for the same clothes, and the ring is the same. Why do some people wear rubies beautifully, but some people wear them unremarkable? The problem is that they have chosen the wrong color. The color of the gemstone is quite rich, and the color of the ring setting is mainly only 2 types: 1 is cold white and the other is warm yellow. When choosing the color of the gem, don’t forget to choose the color of the ring setting.

Fair-skinned people have an advantage in many ways, and no matter what color the ring setting is, there is no pressure to control it; For yellow skin tone people, it is suggested in the selection of ring setting, try to choose tone slant light, such as platinum, rose gold, and kinds like that, a bright ring setting can add luster to your skin tone. And like gold or old silverware, it is not recommended for everyone to choose.

Although it’s not as versatile as white skin, the black skin color is matched with the “tacky” gold that many people think, it can match the effect of “special aura”. If you are bold in fashion, you can try it. If you want to be conservative and secure, platinum and white gold are the colors that will not go wrong.