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Brilliance Launches a Full Line of Men’s Bands

Brilliance mens bands

Today’s groom wants something unique for their wedding band. Beyond being a traditional symbol of matrimony and commitment, industry surveys have revealed how men want their wedding band to reflect their individuality and lifestyle as opposed to looking store-bought and generic. Marketing studies also have shown how more men now prefer doing all their online bridal and wedding purchases at one retailer.

Lucky for us we have recently added hundreds of mens wedding bands in all price ranges. Featured in our roster of men’s wedding rings are alternative metals including titanium, palladium, and cobalt. These metal types are fast becoming the material of choice among men, as they are durable, classic-looking, and are all hypoallergenic. Aside from being cost-effective, these metals require very little maintenance and look as good as their more expensive cousin, platinum, at a fraction of the price.

At Brilliance.com all of our jewelry is backed by our Lifetime Care and Maintenance Policy and we offer free resizing within 90 days of your purchase. Shopping for a wedding ring? Shop our collection of mens wedding bands now!