Interview with CEO

The Brilliance Blog recently sat down to a cup of coffee with Jacob Ohayon, the CEO of Brilliance, to get his thoughts on the past, present, and future of our company.

Brilliance Blog: How long have you been in the diamond and jewelry business?

Jacob Ohayon: I began my career in the diamond and jewelry industry in 1980, when I was trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and earned my Graduate Gemologist degree (GG). Working for a large chain of jewelry retail stores, I gained expertise by sorting and grading diamonds. In 1989, I established Brilliance as a diamond manufacturer and importer to the United States

B.B.: What is your business philosophy?

J.O.: At Brilliance, we look to give guidance and advice to our customer so they can make educated buying decisions. Our customers choose us as their lifelong jeweler because they are treated with honesty and integrity.

B.B.: Where do you envision Brilliance.com in 5 years?

J.O.: I envision Brilliance.com becoming the leading retailer of online diamonds and jewelry, as well as the most dependable source for consumer education and guidance.

B.B.: What are the greatest changes you have seen since entering the jewelry business?

J.O.: I feel that the internet has greatly impacted the diamond and jewelry business. Due to the vast amounts of information available online, many consumers have a comprehensive understanding of diamonds and jewelry when they start shopping. Furthermore, customers have many more buying options which has increased competition and lowered prices.

B.B.: What are you most proud of?

J.O.: I have always loved being involved in life’s greatest celebrations through engagement rings and fine jewelry. It gives me a sense of pride to take part in so many engagements, weddings, and other joyous occasions.

B.B.: What advice do you give to someone looking to purchase jewelry?

J.O.: It is important to pick a trustworthy and reputable jeweler. Additionally, it is crucial that your jeweler has diamond and jewelry experts on staff that can assist you and cater to your needs.

B.B.: How does Brilliance give back to the community?

J.O.: As part of our zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds, Brilliance is in full compliance with the Kimberley Process by ensuring that each diamond we sell was mined and processed in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. Brilliance is also involved with several local community youth centers by providing funds and volunteers for their events and projects.

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