Why you Shouldn’t Stress about Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift

Don’t stress about the wedding gift

Once you receive a wedding Save the Date in the mail, you usually already know whether or not you plan to RSVP yes or no to the upcoming invite. And receiving the formal invite means you are on the hook to buy a wedding present.

For some guests, picking out a present is a fun hunt. For others, though, the stress of finding the perfect wedding present is overwhelming.

Should the gift be something sentimental? Something simple? Should you purchase something off the registry? Or just send a check? What is the perfect wedding present?

Take a deep breath and prepare to be relieved, because the perfect wedding present is a mythical unicorn. The perfect wedding present does not exist.

Why? Because the perfect present depends on the couple and what they want, need or like. The perfect present encapsulates lots of options. Practical, whimsical, expensive, budget-friendly.

The Wedding Registry: Every Gift is the Perfect Wedding Gift

While, yes, the best present comes from the heart, the ideal gift also can come from a list of practical needs. The wedding registry is perhaps the easiest—and best!—place to find the perfect wedding gift for any couple. And everything on that list counts as the perfect gift.

So how much should you spend for holyart? There is no etiquette for the price tag attached to the perfect wedding gift. Spend the amount that is safe for your personal budget.

If you’re traveling out of town to attend the wedding of a loved one, the couple can—and will—understand if your gift budget is tight.

So what are the perfect wedding gifts to purchase from a bridal registry (that also won’t break your budget)?

Here are some inexpensive(cheap) gift ideas to pluck from that registry:

  • Towels
  • Glassware
  • Kitchen tools
  • Small appliances (like toasters)A star can be the perfect wedding gift for the sentimental

The Perfect (Sentimental) Wedding Gifts

Sometimes couples skip the wedding registry. If the couple has everything they need, then they may decide not to register.

For guests, though, the lack of a ‘must have’ list can complicate the gift hunt. If you’ve been invited to a wedding but the couple does not have a registry, give them a gift that comes from the heart.

The best sentimental wedding gifts include:

  • An anniversary book (this is a book where the couple can record the life milestones for each anniversary)
  • A wedding star (purchase a star in honor of their wedding day)
  • Create a scrapbook that illustrates their relationship (this is a great gift for bridesmaids/groomsmen)
  • Offer to pay for their wedding photos or videography services

The Perfect Financial Wedding Gifts

Money or cash gifts are always appreciated. While, yes, you can write a quick check or slide a $100 bill into a card, there are other ways to give monetary gifts. When you want to help provide a monetary cushion for the newlyweds, there are a few ways to gift money.

The best ideas for a money wedding gift are:

  • Buy the couple savings bonds
  • Start a stock portfolio and gift stocks/investments
  • Give gift cards to a favorite store
  • Or, of course, write a check or gift cash

The Perfect Wedding Gifts for Practical Couples

Even if you can’t find a wedding registry and you just don’t feel comfortable sending cash/check, there are so many other gifts that are perfect choices for any couple. Opt for something practical that can be used every day.

Or choose something that they can use while entertaining. Couples don’t always think outside the box for wedding gift options, but you can.

So what are the perfect gifts for practical couples? Or the perfect practical gifts? Here are a few choices:

  • Glass markers. These are markers that can be used on glassware for guests to write their name on their cup. They also can be used to create fun designs on serving glasses. Most couples don’t think to register for them, but these simple gifts are awesome!
  • A stand-up mixer. The Holy Grail of kitchenware! You never knew you needed a stand-up mixer until you are gifted a stand-up mixer. This must-have will be used. Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s the perfect present for a group gift. Grab other friends on the guest list and buy the couple a mixer!
  • Wooden spoons and/or servingware. Bamboo spoons are a great gift to pair with other kitchen must haves. These utensils are great for mixing, scooping, spreading and more.
  • Hand towels. Get creative and fun with kitchen and bathroom hand towels. While most couples theme bath towels, hand towels can be fun and funky. Opt for holiday-themed towels for the kitchen or invest in a nice monogrammed set for the bathroom.
  • A subscription service. Does the couple love wine? Olive oil? Or maybe coffee? Sign them up for a subscription service for a year. Yes, you also could buy them Netflix or another service, too.
  • Help them start a smart home. With Siri and Alexa dominating tech gadgets, it’s easier than ever to have a smart life. Buy the couple Alexa compatible plugs and outlets for their home. If they don’t have an Echo or Echo Dot, buy one for them!Monetary contributions to their honeymoon can be the perfect wedding gift

The Honeymoon Registry: The Sweetest Perfect Wedding Gift

Many couples just want one thing for their wedding gift: a honeymoon. As more and more couples are paying for their own wedding, many of them struggle to pay for a honeymoon. The popularity of the Honey Fund has increased through the years, and now it is quite common for a couple to ask for monetary contributions to help pay for their honeymoon.

So how much do you contribute? Often, couples will list certain ‘wants’ or excursions that they want to do during their honeymoon. So you may be able to contribute $50 towards a kayak experience, $100 for a day at the spa, etc. Or you can just contribute a set amount toward the fund.

There is no such thing as the perfect wedding gift. While the easiest way to find the ideal gift is to pull an item from a wedding registry, you also can get creative.

Give the couple a sentimental gift like a photo album or give them a monetary gift (like stocks, savings bonds or cash). Still, there are so many presents that are perfect for almost any couple like smart tech gadgets, a must-have kitchen appliance, or even a subscription service.

Since many couples struggle to save up for their dream honeymoon, you also can make a contribution to the Honey Fund. No matter what you decide to send as a wedding present, understand that there is no such thing as the perfect gift.

No matter what gift you buy, just be sure you include a gift receipt. Ultimately, the only gift that is guaranteed to never be returned is money.