Ban on Burmese Rubies Extended by Obama

burmese rubies

The US first banned the import of rubies and jade from Myanmar (formerly Burma) in 2003. This year brings a continuation of this policy.

The entire industry prizes Burmese rubies as the world’s best, particularly for their unique pigeon’s-blood, red color. Because of this, Myanmar has become the source of almost 90% of the world’s rubies.

However, respect for human rights in the US is first and foremost, especially with concerns that Myanmar’s sale of gemstones funds its oppressive military junta. President George W. Bush strictly enforced the Burmese gemstone embargo during his administration. The ban lapsed on July 28 of this year, but President Obama signed an executive order extending the prohibition of “any jadeite or rubies mined or extracted from Burma and any articles of jewelry containing jadeite or rubies mined or extracted from Burma.”

This was not the first time that President Obama upheld the restrictions on importing gemstones from Myanmar. He first renewed the sanctions back in 2009.

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee supports this executive order and continues to monitor and adhere to regulatory developments concerning the import of rubies and jadeite.

Brilliance strives to maintain the highest levels of morality in the jewelry trade by respecting human rights and avoiding gems and metals sourced from countries associated with “blood” trades and proudly keeping production at home in the US.

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