When To Buy A Baby’s First Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Buying your baby’s first diamond earrings can be an exciting but nerve-racking experience that requires a little bit of forethought.  Regardless of allergies or cultural values, piercing ears at a young age is a difficult decision, so make sure you consider the important factors without rushing through the process. You must consider the timing, style, and setting.  Here are some tips for choosing the perfect first set of diamond earrings for your baby!

Picking the Right Earring

Choosing the right stone and metal can be difficult. It is best to choose based on some important safety considerations, as well as your baby’s personality.

There are many metals and stones to choose from, however infant skin is especially sensitive. Parents should purchase earrings that are 14K or 18K gold, including the posts.  Other metals can cause a reaction that is very similar to an infection, and companies sometimes sell settings that have different metals for the posts and backs.  

Additionally, it is recommended that parents buy screw-back earrings that allow the backs to twist onto the post; these are typically the most difficult to remove and are comfortable even when the child is lying down.

Another important consideration is the size of the diamond; stones that are .10 ct. – .15 ct. each are the ideal size and weight for a baby’s tiny earlobes. Many companies make earrings that come in petite sizes and are the appropriate scale for baby’s little ear lobes, but just to be sure, you should tell the representative that you are looking for a child so that you can be sure they are showing you something of appropriate size.

Earring personality is equally important.  Clear gems like diamonds or moissanite are timeless, but you may choose to forgo the traditional bling and pick a gemstone stud earring that’s better suited to your child’s personality.  The ideal color can depend on how you typically dress your child.  Children that wear more monochromatic colors may benefit from bright colored stones, such as an emerald or sapphire, whereas children who wear many bright colors may find more style in white diamonds.

diamond earrings

Before and After

Parents typically begin to consider piercing their child’s ears around 3 to 4 months old, while others decide to wait until their baby is older. Most say piercing after the 4 month vaccinations is the most preferable.  It can be troublesome, considering the earlobe will continue to grow and some may fear the child might pull it out, get it infected, or swallow the earring.  Consult with your pediatrician in order to make sure your child is ready to be pierced.  The pediatrician can also determine any possible allergies or complications (such as a family history of keloids) and may even be able to perform the piercing themselves in a familiar and sterile environment.

Before piercing, it is good idea to research the piercing business if you decide not to use a pediatrician.  It is rare to find a place that is not able to pierce an infant; however, a license and a clean sanitation record is important.  An hour or so before piercing, parents can choose to give their infant a small dose of baby acetaminophen to help with the pain.  Be prepared to purchase an ear antiseptic that is alcohol-free and use it at least twice a day – often piercing places sell it for $5 – $12.  Additionally, parents should clean the baby’s ears using a new cotton swab each day to prevent infection and rotate the earring once a day for the first three weeks to prevent the ear from healing over the earring.

Now that you’ve considered if the time is right for your baby’s first diamond earrings and what the best style will be, it’s time to go shopping! Diamond earrings are a wonderful gift for infants to celebrate their birth into the world and their place in your heart.

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