What Are the Best Crystals to Help With Anxiety

Crystals to Help With Anxiety

Whatever you might think of it, alternative medicine has become quite a trending topic these days, and one field commonly under discussion is crystal healing. New as it may seem, crystals have long been regarded for healing properties, and it’s not just your local wiccans or boho-goddesses trying it — some of the world’s biggest celebs swear by crystals, from Posh Spice Victoria Beckham herself to supermodels Miranda Kerr and Naomi Campbell, actress and writer Lena Dunham, and singer-songwriter Bjork. Whether you put stock in it or not, thousands of career-minded women are turning to crystals to restore a sense of balance in their crazed lives. For many, it’s a natural extension of other trends like mindfulness and aromatherapy.

Crystals as objects of protection and healing date back to ancient times. We’ve all read tales of men and women wearing amulets to ward off evil spirits. The Ancient Egyptians wore a range of stones including lapis lazuli, turquoise, and carnelian as jewelry designed to promote protection and health. The Ancient Greeks believed that wearing an amethyst amulet could prevent drunkenness and rubbing one’s body with hematite prior to a battle could make a soldier invulnerable.


For centuries, the Chinese have looked to jade for its healing properties, particularly as a kidney healing stone. The Buddhist and Hindu religions also regularly look to crystals and stones as influential over physical and mental well-being, tied to the notion of the seven chakras. In the 70s and 80s, crystals experienced a resurgence as part of New Age culture and today, they are once again back in focus.

Though few of us still need a stone to protect our bodies going into battle or believe an amulet can truly ward off intoxication, there’s something to be said for crystals as a health remedy. Their modern use centers on a belief that the stones release positive ions that can help improve mental, and by extension, physical health. And whether or not you believe this, we could all use some extra positive energy in our lives to help reduce stress in our hyper-anxiety-inducing world.

One affordable and less overt way to incorporate crystals into your health routine would be to wear them as jewelry. After all, that’s how the Egyptians did it, and it’s a great way to try it out without taking that extra step of infusing your water with rose quartz. But what are the best stones to incorporate into your jewelry if you’re looking to reduce stress levels?

Agate is a stone that has long been revered for its calming powers. Blue lace agate, in particular, is notable for releasing positive vibrations with its calming periwinkle shade. Those who experience anxiety on a daily basis are advised to wear a blue lace agate bracelet as a means of maintaining a peaceful, calming force in one’s presence at all times.

Amethyst has been revered for its healing properties for centuries. It’s a favorite for use in meditation. Its light violet tones hold calming properties, which can be used to help treat headaches and mood swings.


Amethyst Gemstone Statement Diamond Halo Ring in Yellow Gold

Lepidolite is a great stone for combatting anxiety. It contains lithium, which is commonly found in many anti-anxiety medications. Many turn to it for balance during particularly stressful times or like to use it in meditation practice.

Jet stones are great if you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions, whether it be stress, anger, grief, anxiety, or fear. Many consider them an energy filter, protecting you from outside negativity and helping to clear internal negative energy from your mind.

Danburite is sometimes called the guardian angel of crystals. Its energy is powerfully effective in eliminating anxiety and stress, while also emanating a sense of reassurance and protection.

Blue Topaz helps clarify the thoughts and feelings you need to communicate. Blue Topaz is said to stimulate knowledge, build self-confidence, and inspire creativity.

Tourmaline is the “security blanket” of crystals. It reduces anxiety and worry, by absorbing the energy of your fears into itself when you come into contact with it. Imagine the crystals sucking out your anxiety as they lay against your skin in a piece of jewelry.

There are hundreds of different crystals with an array of purported healing properties, but this particular selection is what experts deem the best for managing stress and anxiety. Most of these stones are not considered precious gems, so finding a beautiful piece of jewelry that incorporates one of these anxiety-reducers won’t break the bank. And even if you don’t put a lot of stock in the healing power of a crystal, who wouldn’t like a a new piece of jewelry for their collection?

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