The Best Proposal Videos – Part Two

Best Proposal Videos

Romantic Proposals Videos

Some of the best proposal videos are incredibly romantic. These guys don’t miss out on the element of surprise, either. In the proposal videos that follow, you can see how some of the preparations were made. The first two are very simple, while the third is much more elaborate – several friends helped set up the scene.

Romantic Beach Proposal

Mountain Top Proposal

Sporting Events Proposal Videos

Sporting events are fantastic venues for proposals, particularly if your loved one shares your love of sports or is involved in sports in some way. Some of the best proposal videos ever have been made at sporting events. Of course, you’ll need to get the team cheerleaders, or stadium staff in on the act!

Kiss Cam Proposal

Flash Mob Basketball Proposal

This Guy’s Girlfriend Thought He Hurt Himself Playing Soccer

Underwater Proposal Videos

If you’re a scuba diver, consider making your proposal underwater, like in the first video. If you happen to live near an aquarium with divers, you can have the divers help make your proposal while you’re on a fun date.

Deeply in Love Proposal