The Best Places to Propose

Beach Proposal

The story of your proposal will become part of your legacy – something you share with others for the rest of your lives. Check out our list of the best places to propose and choose one that is meaningful to both of you.

Classic Proposal Sites

Many of the best places to propose are classic proposal sites. The Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, or a gondola in Venice come to mind. New York City’s Rockefeller Center, Museum of Modern Art, and Empire State Building also make it onto this list, with beautiful backdrops and a history of serving as some of the Big Apple’s best places to propose.

Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast and Po’ipu Beach are fantastic places to propose, and so are other scenic, tropical isles. If the two of you scuba dive, consider getting together with a dive company to plan an underwater proposal. Scenic, easygoing dive sites in Hawaii, the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, Australia, or Fiji might be just right. What if traveling to a faraway destination isn’t a possibility? Don’t worry; there are plenty of great places to propose within just a short distance of your hometown.


Pick a clean, quiet beach, and bring along some light refreshments. If there’s a particular beach that both of you like, you’ll find that it serves as the ideal place to propose, especially if you happen to visit often.

Beach proposal


A day of wine tasting? Sounds like fun, whether you’re planning a proposal or not. With beautiful, natural views and a romantic atmosphere, a vineyard might just be the perfect place to propose.


A local hot spring, ski resort, or other popular getaway makes a great place to propose. Make it a day trip or stay all weekend.

Ski proposal

Local Landmarks

Is there a famous landmark near you? If it’s a place that is meaningful to you both, or has played a part in your relationship, you’ll find it may top your list of the best places to propose. A fountain in a park, a monument or historic site, or even an amusement park might be just right.

A favorite restaurant or bar makes a great place to propose, too. Get the staff in on the act by ordering a special dessert with “Will You Marry Me?” piped in chocolate along the rim of the plate, or by delivering a menu with a proposal note hidden inside.

If both of you enjoy sports, your local arena might be just the place. You can easily have your proposal put up on a jumbotron, or at smaller venues, have the team or cheerleaders carry signs out onto the field or court.

Holidays and Special Occasions

If the two of you have a favorite holiday, or if there’s another celebratory occasion, you can very easily get friends and families in on the act without your intended suspecting that you’re about to propose. Of all the best places to propose, somewhere familiar is often most meaningful; particularly if you have a close-knit group you’d like to involve. A Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve fireworks show, a holiday party around Christmas or Hanukkah, or even a Halloween costume party can be a great venue.

Christmas proposal

Perhaps you live in an area where you can hire a skywriter to write your proposal in the air, or hire a pilot to tow a banner behind an airplane. Be in position to look up, and when your loved one sees the message, present the engagement ring!

During the holiday season, you could use string lights to write your proposal, then turn the lights on as a surprise. This is a fun, inexpensive way to propose that will make a major impact.

If proposing at a Halloween party, carve pumpkins with your message and have them ready to light. Get your guests in on the act by having each person take a word or letter, light the pumpkins, and then reveal it to your loved one.

When to Propose

Choose a scenic, serene time of day to propose. If both of you enjoy getting up early, surprise your intended by proposing at sunrise. If you both love the sunset, then make your proposal during the evening hours. You can even propose after dark, perhaps on a high hill where you’ve come for some stargazing.

When choosing the best time and place to propose, make it meaningful and romantic. After all, this memory is one that will be part of your family’s story forever.