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July Birthstone – Ruby Gem

The birthstone for the month of July is the ruby. The ruby is associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn and has become a symbolic gift to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Second only to diamonds in regard to hardness and quality, a fine ruby stone will endure beautifully for generations.

Named after ruber, the Latin word for red, the ruby is derived from the mineral corundum, also known as aluminum oxide. Although the stone is mined primarily in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Kenya, it has also been found in various parts of the United States, including the Carolinas and Montana.

Although most commonly found in shades of red, rubies can be found in a medley of shades, ranging from near-burgundy to a pale pink. The variation of colors in a ruby will determine its cost, with darker and brighter stones commanding the highest prices.

Brilliance uses rubies to infuse color in many of our fine jewelry items. Rubies serve as a striking complement when set in a diamond engagement ring, and also impart a simplistic exquisiteness when worn as stud earrings or a pendant.