Princess Cut Diamond vs. Round Cut Diamond: A Buyer’s Guide

Princess Cut Diamond vs. Round Cut Diamond

Investing in a bridal set is a decision that lasts a lifetime. It’s something the bride is going to wear for the rest of her life, and it needs to be something she will be satisfied with every day. Aside from cost, the biggest decision is which kind of diamond cut does she prefer? Two of the most popular cuts to choose from are the princess cut and round cut.

So princess cut vs. round cut diamond rings: Which are best? When you go to choose a loose diamond or buy a diamond engagement ring, you’ll find that these two popular shapes are among the most plentiful. The round cut diamond has been a favorite for almost a century, while the square princess cut offers an edgier, more modern look. Both shapes are beautiful, so how do you choose between a round cut diamond ring and a princess cut diamond ring? Here are some things to keep in mind as you make this important decision.

Round Vs Princess

Sparkle and Brilliance of Princess Cut Diamonds vs Round Cut Diamonds

Take time to educate yourself. When you start shopping for diamonds online, the industry terminology can be like trying to read a foreign language. Make sure you understand the terms and know exactly what to look for.

Is there much difference between the princess vs. round cut diamond when it comes to sparkle and brilliance? As it turns out, these cuts are both among the most beautiful, which could be why they are so popular. Understanding the difference between the two in order to make an educated selection is important when making this investment in your future. Not only will you ensure you are making a wise financial investment, you’ll know the bride will have something she absolutely loves.

Round Cut Diamond

Round Cut Diamond

Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds

First created in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, brilliant round cut diamonds have traditionally been the most popular diamond shape. Even today they are the standard in engagement rings. They are also the most widely studied and analyzed, setting the bar on measuring brilliance and sparkle. Tolkowsky used advanced mathematical concepts to craft and cut a shape that would maximize both of these attributes.

The round cut he created boasts 58 facets yet still maintains a large percentage of the stone’s original weight. Because of its symmetrical shape, it captures light beautifully, putting the stone’s natural fire, brilliance, and sparkle on display. Modern cutting techniques allow jewelers to ensure that even smaller round brilliant diamonds offer excellent light dispersion, maximizing the stone’s brightness and beauty. They tend to have fewer flaws and more clarity, which adds to their sparkling brilliance. They are also less likely to catch on clothing because the tone’s clean cuts leave no sharp edges to chip or break.

Round cut diamonds are extremely versatile. They are highly popular as a solitaire, in a two or three stone ring, or paired with other bands. Further, because of the multi-faceted cut and brilliant sparkle, minor flaws are easily hidden or camouflaged.  And because loose round diamonds are so readily available, they can easily fit anyone’s budget. Round cuts diamonds can be used with four or six pronged settings, although larger stones should always be secured with six.

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

Square Princess Cut Diamonds

A princess cut diamond is typically cut into a square shape, although they can have a slightly rectangular outline. Created by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980, they are the second most popular cut, second only to the more traditional round cut diamond.

When evaluating princess vs. round diamonds, ensure that you choose a princess cut diamond that has a faceting arrangement that is similar to that of a round cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds can come with either a brilliant or radiant cut. Opting for a brilliant cut will ensure that the stone’s sparkle is maximized and is most comparable to the brilliance found in a round cut diamond.

round or princess cut

Choose a brilliant facet arrangement for your round or princess cut

Carat for carat, you are likely to find that square princess diamonds are more affordable than round brilliant diamonds. They typically have a lower price-per-carat than their round cut counterparts. Also, the more square the cut, the more expensive, while the more rectangular cuts sell at a lower cost.

The cut also lends itself to more flaws and imperfections than a round cut. However, many of these, if present, are in the corners and are completely hidden by the prongs when placed in a setting. The key to selecting the most beautiful princess cut diamond is to look for a certified Ideal cut. It is likely to be more brilliant, fiery, and sparkly than a less valuable stone.

Princess cut stones are generally considered more contemporary than the traditional round cut.  They do very well in a four-pronged setting, while larger round cuts tend to require a six-prong setting.  Princess cut stones are perfect for stylish channel settings where the stones are secured between vertical metal walls, creating a channel or corridor around them. They also work very well in a floral filigree setting, the cushion princess setting, or the princess diamond wrap.  All of these offer a more modern ring than the traditional round cut, and generally for less cost.

Princess cut vs Round

Princess cut v Round

Personal Taste

Personal taste should play a big role as you evaluate different factors about princess cut or round cut diamond shapes. Each type of diamond looks different when placed in particular settings; for example, a princess cut diamond looks particularly beautiful in a three stone arrangement, while a brilliant round diamond can perform spectacularly in a halo arrangement.

It is important to consider the size and shape of the bride’s hand when shopping for her engagement and wedding bands. Someone with a small dainty hand may prefer a smaller, more traditional setting, while a bride with larger hands may look best in a more contemporary setting with a larger stone.  Brides should take time to look at several different options, try them on, and select the setting that looks best on their hand.

Princess Cut Diamond vs. Round Cut Diamond: Which One is Better?

As it turns out, both princess cut diamonds and round diamonds offer unique advantages. Round cuts tend to handle light better, resulting in greater sparkle. Meanwhile, princess cuts may be better for your budget. Either way, jewelry experts agree that when comparing a princess cut diamond to a round cut diamond, it is a good idea to make no sacrifices in cut quality. If you have to make a compromise in order to satisfy your budget, you’ll find that it is normally better to do so in terms of color or clarity. A poorly cut diamond looks less beautiful, even if it is a larger one. Taking all aspects into consideration, the bride should choose the diamond cut and setting that she prefers and looks and feels the best on her hand. After all, a diamond is forever.

Princes Cut Diamond - Round Cut Diamond Comparison

Princess cut diamonds and round cut diamonds work well with a variety of settings, so look at as many styles as you can while making your decision. Every stone has something special to offer.

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