Prepare the Perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal

Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal

It’s the one day of the year set aside specifically to celebrate romance — pink and red hearts abound, couples enjoy candlelight dinners, and there are rom-coms running non-stop on television and new ones filling seats in the theaters. While many are planning to give their lover a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses, some are planning to use the romantic holiday to pop the question.

But how do you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal? On this high holiday of romance, how do you ensure that your special someone is surprised when you propose? And what are the least cliché ways to make this a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget?

Do the Unexpected

For starters, if you’re going to propose on Valentine’s Day, you have to make sure it’s unexpected. On any other day, the ring in the champagne glass at a fancy restaurant might fly — but if it’s Valentine’s Day and you have a dinner reservation, you can bet it’s something she’ll be considering.

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Shake things up by making those dinner reservations, but diverting your plan — propose the minute you get to the house, going down on your knee in her front yard, or take her on an outing after the meal where you have something special planned. For example, if you live in a snowy area, take her to a park where you can write out “Will you Marry Me?” or carve a giant heart in the snow. Or take advantage of the expectations and wait until the very end of the night when she’s decided that it isn’t going to happen after all.

If you’re just having a normal day at home, then turn it into a romantic moment. Even if you have special plans that evening, propose over your morning cup of coffee or tea. Let her get to  the bottom of her cup and read the words “Marry Me?” If your special someone is a more private person, this is the perfect way to surprise her with a Valentine’s Day proposal. It keeps the moment private and special, something between the two of you instead of a public spectacle.

Or if you’re enjoying a romantic weekend away, plan something at an unexpected moment. If you’re skiing, propose while you’re on the lift, overlooking the stunning winter landscape. If travel didn’t go as planned, turn the moment around by going down on bended knee. Have the hotel decorate the room, and let her go in first. When she turns around, you can be ready with the ring to ask the question.

The best way to propose on Valentine’s Day is to plan something unique. If you’re going to go with a tried-and-true method, at least go all in on a big romantic gesture like covering the house and bedroom in rose petals before you pop the question.

Include the Holiday in Your Proposal

If your gal loves romance, include the holiday in your proposal. It will be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day while also working in the big event. Hand her a stunning bouquet of roses with the ring nestled in among the flowers. Create a trail of candy hearts for her to follow with you waiting at the end of it.

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Take an advent calendar and put a Valentine’s Day spin on it — give your gal a cute present, like Valentine’s Day socks or candy hearts, the thirteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day and give her the ring on the fourteenth day. Hearken back to school days and plant cutesy Valentine’s Day cards like you received in elementary school all around the house — in her purse, her car, everywhere. Then, surprise her with a final card that asks you to marry her. Set up a screening of her favorite romantic comedy and find a way to create a themed proposal around it. Does she love When Harry Met Sally? Make her a pastrami sandwich and decorate like it’s a diner and then pop the question. Maybe she’s a huge Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan. You get the idea.

There are hundreds of creative ways to make this romantic holiday an inherent part of your proposal.

Picture Perfect Proposals

You’re going to want to capture this unforgettable moment on camera, so why not get a marriage proposal theme that includes photos? If you’re out somewhere celebrating where there’s a photo booth, like seeing one of those new romantic comedies in theaters, step inside and pop the question while the photos are happening. She’ll be shocked, and you’ll have her expression on camera for all time. If you already have a treasure trove of photographic memories, arrange some pictures of milestone moments to spell out “Will you marry me?” and take a photo of her when she sees it to add to this special collection.

Including your photo memories is a great way to go beyond the expected on Valentine’s Day and make an unforgettable proposal.

As cliché as it may seem, Valentine’s Day is not actually in engagement season, so don’t be afraid to make this day the day you ask her to marry you. No matter how you choose to propose, Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and now you’ll have the ultimate romantic memory to celebrate every year.

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