Best Christmas Proposal Stories Ever!

Christmas Proposal Stories

It’s the holiday season — and for, couples, that often means only one thing. It’s also engagement season! Over 40% of proposals occur during Christmastime, ahead of both New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. But with so many popping the question at the holidays, what’s the best way to make sure your intended is surprised? And how can you make your proposal truly unique?

Amazing Christmas Proposals!

Do it with a Dog!

We’ve all seen the commercial with the reindeer bedecked golden retriever bringing a lady jewelry, and a dog is a great addition to a proposal, if for no other reason than his being a natural excuse to bring someone to their knees. But this proposal is paws-itively inspiring. Karlie and Alec were major dog lovers, so when he bought her a French bulldog puppy for Christmas she was overjoyed. But when she looked more closely at his personalized dog tag that read “Will you marry me?” she knew it was a Christmas she’d remember forever. With a puppy like that, the ring might not have even been necessary… Just kidding!

Christmas Card Shenanigans

Christmas card photos are a great family holiday tradition, but in this special proposal it also became the setting for an unforgettable Christmas engagement. When Jamie posed for her family Christmas photo, she knew her family’s t-shirts were spelling “Merry Xmas,” but when the “A” and the “E” switched places behind her back, the message became “Marry Me?” stunning her when she looked at the photo on the camera. It’s difficult to keep a dry eye when she turns to find boyfriend Tyne kneeling behind her with a ring.

Taking “Our Song” to the Next Level

Every couple has “their song,” and it often plays an important role in engagement or wedding day proceedings. When Jeremy proposed to Kelli, he combined the magic of Christmastime with their favorite song for an ultra-special wintry proposal. On a whim, he contacted the singer of their song, who promptly agreed to make a special appearance under a Christmas light-laden gazebo while Jeremy popped the question.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re planning a Christmas or holiday proposal, how can you make sure your engagement is extra special? Take inspiration from the holiday successes above or remember these special tips.

Winter Setting

One of the beauties of the holiday season is the incredibly romantic settings it provides. Plan your proposal for a particularly Christmas-y spot — if she loves to ice skate, consider taking her to a holiday rink and popping the question on the ice. Christmas tree lots also make beautiful seasonal backdrops, and if you sneak far off into the trees, you can have a private moment in the midst of the holiday bustle. If you want to get out into nature, consider proposing in the snow or on a winter walk — you could even write “will you marry me?” in the snow for her to discover. (If you’re really ambitious, hire a helicopter to fly over a snowy landscape and read the message carved into the tundra below). Or keep it simple — there’s no place more romantic than a cozy fire, wrapped up in blankets under your own Christmas tree — plan a winter picnic next to the fireplace and surprise her with the ultimate Christmas gift. If you live in a warmer climate that doesn’t get the wintry wonderland effect, consider taking her to a pop-up Christmas village or propose while on a drive around town to see all of the fanciest Christmas light displays.

Keep Christmas Traditions in the Mix

Christmas-time offers a bundle of fun delights — from light displays to carolers to Christmas trees to gingerbread cookies. Consider working your proposal into one of these time-honored traditions, especially if she has a favorite or one that is meaningful to your relationship. Write a proposal on a Christmas cookie, or decorate a gingerbread man with a diamond ring. Prepare her hot cocoa or another festive drink in a specialty mug that reads “Marry Me?” at the bottom so she can see the message after reaching the bottom of her favorite winter beverage. Hang the ring on the tree for her to find or hand her an ornament that says “Will you Marry Me?” Etsy offers hundreds of unique personalized baubles, so it won’t be hard to craft the perfect surprise. Christmas lights are another easy way to make a romantic holiday proposal — use them to spell out your proposal or get your apartment complex to fill the windows with a lighted sign the size of the entire building.

choir performed traditional Christmas carols for visitors to the mall

If she loves Christmas carols, surprise her with carolers and pop the question as part of their performance or go the “Love Actually” route and surprise her on her stoop with a recording of her favorite Christmas song and signs asking her to marry you, though hopefully she won’t have just married your best friend like in the movie. If she has a favorite Christmas film, you could include it in the proposal — recreating favorite scenes from “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “White Christmas” or sending her on an action-packed “Die Hard” inspired scavenger hunt ending with the ring.

Throw Her Off the Scent

Lastly, you may want to do something to throw her off the scent if she’s already expecting a holiday proposal. Consider wrapping the ring in a huge oversized box or going for the Russian nesting doll effect with many boxes inside each other concluding with the ring. Or if you really want to shock her, pretend you’re leaving town for the holidays and then wrap yourself in a box or show up on her porch surprising her on Christmas morning.

There are loads of ways to make your holiday proposal the ultimate Christmas to remember –just stay true to you and your partner, and it will be one of the most special moments of your life together.

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