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6 Tips For Safe Online Diamond Shopping

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At Brilliance, we don’t just sell diamonds. We also take the time out to educate our customers on how to become better buyers.

Customers are often hesitant about the safety of online shopping, despite the enormous savings and convenience that it affords. Anticipating these concerns, we assembled 6 tips for a safe shopping experience.

#1) Call before Making the Purchase

Almost all good and reliable online retailers have live customer service reachable via a toll-free number. Calling a company’s sales team allows you to gauge the extent of their knowledge about their products.

#2) Familiarize Yourself with the Returns Policy

A returns policy will give you more confidence in your transaction and reassurance of a full refund if not fully satisfied with a purchase.

#3) Make Sure Shipments Are Insured and Require a Signature

Unpredictable circumstances can result in lost or damaged products. For insurance to cover any kind of damage/loss, it must be noted upon signing.

#4) Visit the 3rd Party Testimonials

Never neglect to read third-party testimonial sites (TrustPilot, Reseller Ratings, etc.) to see how the products and services are rated in a non-biased manner.

#5) Check the Better Business Bureau

A Better Business Bureau accreditation monitors and reviews a company’s products and services. The accreditation is based on an exhaustive evaluation of existing complaints, government actions, and advertising reviews.

#6) Verify Verified Merchant Status

A Verified Merchant means that it has high levels of processing security, safeguarding customer information, and combating fraud.

Never weary of healthy competition, here are some well-known online diamond retailers to start your research: