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Major Breakthrough in Ocean’s 11-Type Diamond Heist

$50 million Brussels heist

$50 million Brussels heist

Just this February, we featured an article describing the most daring diamond heist that took place in recent history, at a Brussels airport. The high profile theft took just about three minutes to execute, prompting people to describe it as the real-life version of the Ocean’s Eleven movie script.

…except there doesn’t seem to be a happy Hollywood ending to the culprits of the $50-million Brussels heist.

For several months, there seemed to be no lead to the near-flawless crime (nobody was injured during the heist, which went off like clockwork), until it was announced this week that at least thirty-one people suspected to be involved in the robber were put under arrest. Simultaneous police operations in three nations yielded at least one suspect from France who is believed to be part of the actual robbery, with several others from Geneva and Brussels in still unnamed roles.

Police also found proof that a large amount of the diamonds that were stolen were hidden in Switzerland, while cash and several luxury cars resulting from possible sales of the diamonds were discovered in Belgium. The monumental three-nation sweep involved around 250 policemen and 40 house searches after several months of careful investigation. Authorities, however, are still keeping mum about details of the operations, except to issue a statement in Geneva that “a very important quantity of diamonds was seized during the sweep.” Spokespersons also told the press that at least ten of the detained suspects in Belgium have criminal records.