No Rough Diamonds from the Central African Republic

rough diamond trade

rough diamond trade

The Kimberley Process has temporarily suspended the rough diamond trade in the Central African Republic. The decision was based on the mounting armed conflict and other forms of human rights violations in the region, culminating in rebels seizing the government in March and ousting former President François Bozizé in the process.

The Central African Republic relies on diamond mining as its main source of income. Reports reveal that the rebels have been using diamond sales to finance their activities, prompting the KP to review the situation before arriving at the decision to suspend trading activities there. Majority of the KP members voted for the suspension until further notice.

The decision was supported by the President of the World Diamond Council, Eli Izhakoff. He cited both the well-being of the people of the Central African Republic, as well as the integrity of the diamond industry, to be the primary reasons for the suspension.