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A Memorable Gemstone Engagement Ring

We here at Brilliance take pride in our work, but when it comes to custom engagement rings, we cannot take all of the credit. Sometimes the truly beautiful and special creations come, not from the minds of our designers, but from the love and commitment that our customers have with each other.

Such was the case with this beautiful, non-traditional engagement ring that we brought to life for Peter this holiday season. Hidden inside the bright, eye-catching design are statements of the love that he feels for his girlfriend.

Done in versatile and classic 14K White Gold, the ring features an infinity symbol on the top, symbolizing his everlasting love, cleverly disguised by a beautiful row of diamonds and amethyst gemstones as well as an intricate floral detailing. In the center of each side of the infinity symbol rest a deep red ruby and deep blue sapphire, Peter and his girlfriend’s birthstones.

When Peter came to us, this blueprint was already brewing in his mind. While he considered a traditional engagement ring with the classic center diamond framed by his designs, the Brilliance team of designers and jewelry experts worked with him to bring his true dream to light. The result is a beautiful and unique ring with a touch of vintage feel and a modern twist, unlike any other ring we have seen before.

The best part: she said yes! Peter is already working with the custom design team at Brilliance to create an equally unique pair of wedding rings. Save the date!

diamond and gemstone engagement ring

diamond and gemstone ring


If you’re interested in creating a custom design of your own, please visit us at Brilliance.com, or call one of our diamond and jewelry experts at 866.737.0754 to get the ball rolling on your unique adventure.

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