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Jessica Biel’s Dazzling Engagement Ring

You know what they say: a Hollywood star with a sparkling career deserves a sparkling rock for her engagement ring! Actress Jessica Biel was recently seen with her fiancé Justin Timberlake going for a walk after having lunch at The Tavern in LA. The sunny day made the huge rock glisten and wink on her ring finger, prompting people to wonder if the bling is custom-made or a true vintage diamond wedding band. Either way, most Hollywood watchers agree that the engagement jewelry must have cost a pretty penny.

The actress has become engaged to Justin Timberlake in December 2011 after an almost five-year on and off relationship. Jessica reportedly said in an interview that she believes she is finally in a relationship where she can still be herself while making time for her partner.

“Maintaining my individuality is really important to me because otherwise I can easily slip into somebody else’s life”, she said. She also acknowledged her parents when it comes to learning about how a loving relationship should be, and how the people in it must invest time and effort to make it work.

Though details about the big day are still being kept under wraps by the couple for the most part, it is revealed by an insider that Jessica plans to wear a Monique Lhuillier gown on her wedding day. It is also speculated to be a summer ceremony at a private venue.

Celebrity watchers are on their toes wanting to get more than a glimpse of the sparkling jewelry, especially since both Justin and Jessica are not exactly known to be media-hungry stars. This is the biggest reason why people only got a look at the engagement ring months after the proposal. However, it was reported that Jessica Biel showed the engagement ring to Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig last February, during a Saturday Night Live after-party at New York City’s Ristorante Asselina.

That sun-drenched day in March, paparazzi managed to snap pictures of what appears to be a princess-cut diamond set in a diamond studded band of either white gold or platinum as the engaged couple went for a walk. Jessica Biel’s dazzling engagement rock is sizable, and has a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding it. The actress herself revealed in recent news that Justin hand picked the engagement ring on his own without consulting her. In an interview with InStyle, Jessica said: “I had no say whatsoever (in the ring). I don’t micromanage. He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design. And I’ll be honest: He has better taste than I do.”

It seems like Justin knows Jessica’s preference in bling like the back of his hand, then, judging from the photos of her engagement ring nestled comfortably on her ring finger. And if it is true that Monique Lhuillier, known for her classic silhouettes and timeless lace designs, will design the soon-to-be bridal gown, then the stunning ring is bound to be the perfect match to the wedding finery.

Photo: Getty Images