Iconic Rings in Comic Book Universes

Iconic Rings in Comic Book

Millennials lack one crucial precursor to a functional societal assimilation: heroes and idols worthy of such titles. Come to think of it, many of our politicians are crooks in fancy suits. Our celebrities are nut jobs blinded by the spotlight. Our athletes are wisecracking narcissists. And our self-professed critics and pseudo-intellectuals are angry slobs prone to self-entitlement and sweeping statements (much like the person writing this post).

But millennials are a resourceful bunch. They know where to find alternatives to whatever is missing in their lives. For instance, in the absence of real-life inspirations, they make do with the outer-underpants-wearing variety, denizens of the comic book universe. This is weird, alarming even, but nonetheless welcome.

The entitled Iconic Rings from the Comic Book Universes is a toast to fictional heroes. More importantly, it highlights the source of their great power—rings of all shapes, forms and sizes—because even these heroes aren’t exempt from the lures of fancy shiny things. They, too, need their bling much like T Pain and Lil Wayne. The only difference is that their bling, similar to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ thrift shop finds, don’t come from a swanky Harry Winston shop. They received them after the most noble or wicked of circumstances, which forever cement their dedication toward bigger-than-life responsibilities with bigger-than-life consequences.

The powers inherent to these rings are boundless. Here are a few examples:

  • Superhuman Strength and Senses
  • Invulnerability/Durability
  • Flight
  • Healing Power
  • Lighting and Energy Bolts
  • Physical Transformation
  • Animal Control
  • Time and Space Transport
  • Super-Quick Costume Change
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Luck Alteration
  • Mind Control
  • Invisibility
  • Fear Mongering
  • Material Alteration


Superheroes are awesome. Their super rings, even more so. But as the famous line goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Yes, Peter Parker’s uncle was right. So if you ever find a ring imbued with such boundless powers, ask yourself one question, “Am I ready to take on this responsibility?” If the answer is no, better hand it over to the Pawn Stars.

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