Diamond Settings For Every Carat Size

Diamond Settings

What is it that makes an engagement ring so breathtaking? Is it the diamond? The band? The person down on one knee? The answer, of course, is option number three – it really is the love two people share that make that diamond ring so special. But a beautiful setting certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

diamond settings

Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Finding the right diamond involves a lot of consideration. You have to find the stone that suits a woman’s style and finger shape, not to mention your budget. But here’s a little tip: the right setting can turn your ring into the pinnacle of beauty no matter what size the diamond may be. And here at Brilliance, we’ve got all the setting options you could want.

One Carat

A one-carat diamond can look especially beautiful on women with small or slender hands–if you’ve got the right cut. For example, the round brilliant cut, one of the “biggest” diamond cuts, boasts 58 facets that capture light beautifully, a modest diamond can sparkle with the best of them.

diamond settings

Bezel Sapphire Gemstone Bridge Engagement Ring in White Gold

And if you want her ring to have a little extra something, a setting with a few more stones will do the trick. Beautiful sapphires in a bezel setting are a beautiful complement to a diamond of any size.

Two Carats

The two-carat diamond is by far the most popular size for engagement rings. These diamonds tend to look significantly bigger and have a higher value than stones around one carat, and they also offer more versatility. Two-carat diamonds look beautiful in a round cut, but they also have the surface area to make a modern or vintage style, like a princess or emerald cut, look regal and elegant.

diamond settings

Radiant Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds of this size also look striking in nearly any setting you can find. A pavé engagement ring adds extra sparkle along the band while still giving the diamond room to be the star of the show. You can even go for a more detailed setting, like an antique solitaire with floral engraving. The diamond is large enough not to be swallowed up in all the intricate detail on stylized bands. With a two-carat diamond, you’ll have a ring that she will cherish for years to come.

Three Carats

For some couples, bigger is better. And for those couples, the three-carat diamond is a beautiful show-stopper that really makes a statement. People will be stopping her on the street, gasping and raving about that gorgeous, large ring! However, a diamond of this size benefits from a delicate setting to prevent it from crossing over into “gaudy” territory. A three-carat diamond needs room to sparkle on the hand, so it is best suited to pavé or solitaire settings.

diamond settings

Shared Prong Engagement Ring with Oval Cut Center Diamond

An alternative to the common pavé style is a simple shared prong ring, with slightly larger side stones like the ring pictured above. The larger side stones give the ring a boost of elegance and glamour without being over the top.

diamond settings

Trillion Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

Three stone ring designs are also exceptionally beautiful with larger center stones. If you’re looking for a setting with lots of dimension, trillion diamonds paired with a beautiful three-carat cushion cut center make for a unique look that’s bound to take her breath away.

What really matters when you pop the question is the love that the two of you share, and with that love, you’re bound to get a yes. But with the right setting, you can take that yes to the next level with a proposal that surpasses all of her expectations.