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Black Diamonds Carbonados

Black diamonds, or carbonados, are one of the many diamond varieties found in the earth’s surface. Unlike conventional diamonds, which are mined in a variety of locations throughout the world, carbonados have only turned up in parts of Brazil and the Central African Republic. They are also believed to be a couple billion years older than their more commonly known white and colored counterparts.

These unusual grey and black stones get their opaque coloring from high concentrations of impurities and inclusions, such as graphite. In their rough form, carbonados resemble small rock pieces of cast iron or porous charcoal.

Tougher than a Diamond

While loose diamonds are legendary for being impossible to crack, carbonado has gained a reputation for being even stronger. While other diamonds are composed of a single crystal that breaks naturally along a line, a carbonado is made up of many crystals that are fused together. Its stronger structure made it popular in heavy industry since its discovery in the late 1800s.

Black diamonds from Brazil were instrumental in early rock-boring efforts, providing key drill tip components for carving out the Panama and Suez canals, as well as tunnels all over Europe. Carbonado is still used in drill bits for tough jobs today, cutting through rocks that even traditional diamonds would have trouble cracking.

Polished to Perfection

Polished and cleaned up from their original carbonado state, black diamonds can enhance jewelry designs by making a dramatic, yet elegant, statement in both women’s and men’s fine diamond jewelry. Whether framed in sterling silver, brilliant white gold, or yellow gold, a black diamond makes any foundation’s surface come to life with a brilliant shine.

A black diamond creates a dramatic centerpiece for an eye-catching pendant, ring, or for earrings, while smaller baguette-style black diamonds serve as elegant backdrops for sophisticated and delicate settings. When set in white gold and paired with lighter stones or pearls, dark accents of black diamonds add an air of sophistication and timeless quality to even the simplest jewelry piece.

Surprisingly Affordable

Their elegant appearance often leads people to believe that black diamonds are expensive. Thanks to industrial use and heavy demand for clearer stones, however, black diamonds haven’t taken center stage in the global marketplace. Less notoriety and demand actually makes this type of jewelry far more affordable than people think.

Equally misleading is the black diamond’s perceived rarity. Though unearthed in few places, uncertified and certified black diamonds are readily available to customers. Loose black wholesale diamonds can be purchased and turned into custom jewelry pieces at an attractive price, making the black diamond a unique and affordable option for high-end jewelry.