A Satisfied Brilliance Loose Diamond Customer

Part of my job at Brilliance is to help customers find a loose diamond and engagement ring that meets their budget without sacrificing quality and style. I recently worked with a bride who shared with me her story of how she ended up shopping for her bridal jewelry with Brilliance and how satisfied she was with the care and service she received. If you are reading this post, you have surely turned to the internet for answers, perhaps because you find yourself in the same frustrating situation as she did. Here I retell her story to show you how Brilliance can make your loose diamond purchase as easy and stress-free as hers:

It was finally my time to say “I do”, and everything had to be perfect. Growing up in New York, I was always told that the absolute best place to buy a diamond was from “the big guys” in the New York Diamond District. So off I headed to 47th street to begin my quest for my dream diamond.

Walking into the showroom, I immediately felt intimidated by the pushy salesman. It was clear to me that he was solely interested in making money on me and not at all interested in answering my questions. After an hour of listening to his sales pitch, he had only shown me a small selection of diamonds, all of which seemed a little pricey for their quality. I knew that I would never be happy with my loose diamond purchase with the level of care I was receiving from these “big guys” and decided to look for a different avenue to get the diamond quality that I wanted.

After the horrible experience with the salesman at the Diamond District, I decided to then go online and look up some pricing. I tried the first site that came to mind: Ebay. There I found great prices, but no customer service representative to talk to about my concerns and no assurance that the quality of the diamonds were as stated. As I continued searching and visited sites like Amazon and Craigslist, I kept thinking to myself, I am buying a diamond. Is there anywhere I can get a good price without sacrificing the quality, selection, or customer care?

As a last resort for my online quest, I googled a random search for “loose diamond, good price.” The first link I found was a website called Brilliance.com. I was impressed with the elegance and the beauty of the site. I found the box that read “certified loose diamond search” and began my search for the “perfect diamond.”

The left side of the page had everything I was looking for. I selected the shape, carat size, color, clarity, cut, price, and the certification that I wanted. Expecting to be disappointed again, I thought there would only be maybe 10 diamonds that had the qualities that he wanted. Shocked, I got a search result of 77,089 diamonds that fit exactly what I wanted. How could it be that the Diamond District office that I thought I could trust had only 3 options when I received 77,089 results in the comfort of my home? The prices were almost half of what I saw at the Diamond District and I didn’t have to sacrifice on the diamond quality or care. I spoke with a Brilliance representative, who answered all my questions with patience and concern. Within minutes of completing my purchase, I received an email confirming my purchase and a lifetime guarantee for the diamond. A week later, my diamond arrived at my home, carefully packaged and insured for my peach of mind.

With the help of a Brilliance.com representative, I got the care and patience I needed to make this wedding the dream it is supposed to be!