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  • Are Diamonds Rare

    Are Diamonds Rare in Nature?

    Diamonds have come to represent more than any other piece of jewelry. They’re associated with love and connection and are the most used gemstone in engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds aren’t…

  • Pearl Embedded June Birthstone

    Pearl, the June Birthstone

    Each month is associated with its own beautiful gemstone. The June birthstone is the pearl, which is the only precious jewel that is created by a living animal! Pearls develop naturally…

  • Melee Diamonds

    What Are Melee Diamonds?

    Most pieces of diamond jewelry, including those with pave or halo settings, are designed with multiple diamonds. The center stone is the largest diamond in the entire setting, so it usually…

  • Melee Diamonds Cut

    How Are Melee Diamonds Cut?

    You might have never heard of melee diamonds, but you’ve definitely seen one. Melee diamonds are the tiny, glittering gems that are embedded together in a piece of jewelry. These small,…