The 6 Types of Engraved Wedding Bands

Gold wedding ring with an engraving

Wedding bands are rarely removed by couples, making them one of the most personal pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own. Why not make the design of the ring match it’s deeply personal meaning?

One of the most classic and beloved traditions is to wear personalized, engraved wedding bands. There is a long-standing tradition of inscribing affections onto a ring. During medieval times, engraved sentiments once decorated traditional commitment rings known as posy rings. These rings were so popular that the symbol is even mentioned in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Is this a prologue or the posy of a ring?”

Now, engraved messages and symbols are a common way to make wedding rings unique to the couples who wear them. With laser technology and 3D printing, the options are endless. Some couples add a religious verse, others a sweet message. The cherished sentiments may be hidden within the band or they may decorate the surface of the ring. What couples choose to engrave—and how they engrave those designs—speaks to their personal style and preference.

The Traditional

The most traditional engraved designs include monograms, initials, names and/or the wedding date. Where the engraved details are featured depends on the style of the ring, but these traditional engraved details are often inscribed on the inside of the wedding band.

The Romantic

Personal sentiments may also be included within the band. Quotes about love, a simple “I Love You,” or even the word “Always” speaks volumes about the love between the both of you. An infinity symbol is another subtle but sophisticated addition to a wedding ring.

The True Romantic

Take your romance to the next level by engraving something that’s just for you. Inscribe part of your vows for a constant reminder of the promises you made during the wedding. You can also engrave each other’s fingerprints onto your ring.

Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay Wedding Ring Set in White and Yellow Gold

Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay Wedding Ring Set in White and Yellow Gold

Another custom design idea? Pull inspiration from your personal love story and engrave a song lyric (perhaps the song you first danced to), a line from a favorite poem, or write your love in another language. Te amo!

The Faithful

For many couples, marriage is a spiritual bond and holds religious significance. If your faith inspires you and is a strong component of your relationship, then express this in the design of a ring that seals your vows. Choose a verse from Scripture that holds special meaning or use the chapter and verse numbers.

Beloved Men’s Wedding Ring in Cobalt

Beloved Men’s Wedding Ring in Cobalt

The Artistic

Engraved details go beyond words and phrases. Channel artistic inspiration with elaborate engraved details to decorate the outside of the wedding band. Choose floral engraved designs, Celtic crosses, or just a funky fun design (like a tire tread). Think outside the box; go for quirky or choose an elaborate elegant design that feels romantic.

Laser Carved Mountain Themed Men’s Wedding Ring in Titanium

Laser Carved Mountain Themed Men’s Wedding Ring in Titanium

The Fashion Forward

Laser engravings can create even more amazing and complex designs. Choose from bands decorated with a backdrop of a wooded forest, cool camo patterns, cityscapes, musical instruments… anything you can imagine! If you can’t find what you want in our current collection, you can work with one of our master jewelers to design your own laser-carved detailed wedding band!

Engraved sentiments have decorated commitment rings for centuries. This design option allows couples to express their love and their love story in their wedding band design. While traditional engraved wedding bands often feature initials, monograms or the wedding date, anything is possible with a laser engraving. Imprint a ring with your fingerprints, write a poetic verse or add a quirky cool motif. Engraved wedding bands are a personalized symbol of forever, etched with Brilliance.

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