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Ring Shopping Advice from the Top Wedding Ring Designers

Wedding Ring Designers

Couples shopping for wedding rings may be completely overwhelmed by the large selection, the four Cs of a diamond, the choice of metals, and all the seemingly endless cuts, shapes and details. Discovering the perfect wedding band or the ideal ring for a proposal can become a treasure hunt for the ages.

And everyone has an opinion. Parents, friends…sometimes even strangers! So many voices seem to weigh in on the definition of perfection regarding these symbolic rings. Sorting through it all may feel like trying to tune out a roaring train. While we would love to advise that you discard these opinions, there are some shopping words of wisdom that may be to your benefit!

When you want to know how to shop for those special rings, ask a jeweler. Better yet? Ask some of the renowned jewelers! Creative Directors for some of the most amazing jewelers—think Cartier, Tiffany’s and more!—have weighed in with their opinions through magazine interviews and other outlets.

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In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Tiffany & Co. creative director Francesca Amfitheatrof talks about her most worn pieces and provides her own take regarding jewelry must-haves. Amfitheatrof recommends diamonds (of course) and mixing the beauty of a diamond with gemstones. She also tells the magazine that she likes to pair round cabochons with other faceted cuts.

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Crescent Halo Engagement Ring & Wedding Band with Sapphire Center

Take inspiration from Amfitheatrof and create a unique engagement and wedding ring that mixes diamonds and other gemstones. Or select cabochon stones and pair them with intricately cut Asscher diamonds or cushion cut gems. If you’re on the hunt for the ideal engagement ring, go for diamonds…and go as big as possible! If you can’t quite fit a massive carat size in your budget, opt for a cluster design or use a diamond halo around a smaller center stone to make it appear larger.

The National interviewed Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s creative director, about her design inspirations. She told the site: “…I am truly inspired when I get home and I look at the colours of Rome—the colours are so special, from the sky to the buildings to the architecture. Rome is an open museum. I can go around a corner, and maybe I’ve done it a million times before, but I’ll see something new and I’ll think—that could be a motif for a pair of earrings. So Rome, for me, is fundamental.”

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When designing your own ring, take inspiration from a place that holds a special meaning. Maybe this is your hometown, a favorite vacation retreat or somewhere you’ve only visited once…or the inspiring place from your dreams. Design inspiration can even come from people and pets. Many jewelers are known for their animal inspired designs—for Cartier, the panther is prominent.

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Laser Carved Forest Pattern Men’s Wedding Ring

Designers are artists—and they use gems and metals to craft their masterpieces. Rings and other accessories are painted with the colors of gems and detailed with etched cuts and engravings. Embrace color and embrace the different shapes and styles of gems. You can combine bead-like cabochons with square faceted stones, and don’t be afraid to play with color to create unique designs and swirling contrasts.

The top jewelers—and their creative directors—treat their work as an art form. Jewelry is simply another way to display personal expression. Embrace the color spectrum, play with designs, incorporate animals or architecture and mix shapes to create an amazing ring that is inspired by your world, your experiences…and, most importantly, your love.