8 Ideas for a Fabulous Book-Themed Wedding

Bride with a book

Are you a bookish bride and groom?

Maybe you met in a bookstore or library, or the thing that brought you together was nerding out over your favorite book. Perhaps one or both of you are writers, librarians, or have some connection to books. Or maybe you just really, really love to read.

No matter how your bibliophilia expresses itself, if books are important to you and your future spouse, it might be worth considering incorporating that passion into your wedding. There are countless ways to have a book-themed wedding, whether it’s the setting, the party favors, the centerpieces, or the entire theme from top-to-bottom. Regardless if you desire a small nod to your love of books or want an entire book-themed wedding, here are 8 ideas to create your most fabulous book-themed wedding.

Have it in a library or bookstore

If you really, really love books, why not make your wedding venue the ultimate space for book lovers. Get married in a library or a bookstore!

You could choose a particularly picturesque library in your area. Or make it extra special with something like your university library, which might hold an extra degree of significance to your relationship.

Many local libraries and indie bookstores have wedding rental options. You can go extravagant and get married in the large reading room of a fancy, storied library or do something more intimate — for instance, the Rare Books Room at the Strand bookstore in New York City is available for weddings.

You can say your vows surrounded by what you love most — your friends, family, and books. Not to mention, those lines of shelves make for a picturesque setting.

Save the Date and Invites

There are plenty of ways to make a bookish save the date or invitation, which can tie directly into your theme.

One of our favorite ideas is making a Library Card Save the Date — after all, what is a library card but a save the date to remind you when your latest read is due back?

There’s already a natural place for the date to go, and you could even design a custom stamp with your initials and more to put on everything from save the dates to place cards to maintain the library card theme.

If you extend the theme to place cards, you can even place your guests seating assignments in a card catalog drawer for them to locate just like an old-school librarian.

For an invitation, consider taking inspiration from the binding of a favorite novel or even photoshopping a book cover to feature you and your spouse and all your invite details. The save the date and invitation have got you covered when it comes to expressing your theme.

Bookmark Your Favors

Give custom bookmarks and have a pile of used books to take home.

What better way for book lovers to commemorate their wedding day than with a favor their guests can use again and again? Design custom bookmarks that feature your wedding date, wedding hashtag, and more.

If you have favorite quotes, you can even print them on one side of the bookmark. Your guests can take these home and remember your special day every time they mark their place! Custom bookmarks are available from a wide variety of sources on the internet, whether you want to design your look from scratch or find a format that suits your needs.

If you want to give them something to read along with the bookmark, consider having a table of used books near the exit and encourage your guests to take a new read home with them as well.

If you want to get really playful, try a blind date with a book — wrap up all the books as party favors and allow your guests to choose one simply by a 1-2 sentence descriptor of the plot affixed to the wrapping.

Favorite Book Theme

Do you and your future spouse share love for a particular book or series? Maybe you’re Potterheads or both share a passion for the work of J.R.R. Tolkien? Or perhaps you go even further back and both love a canonical author like F. Scott Fitzgerald,  Jane Austen, or Charles Dickens?

If you share a mutual enthusiasm for the work and world of a single author, consider theming your entire wedding around it — from the save-the-dates to the centerpieces to your bridesmaids and groomsmen attire to your venue. Make it the literary wedding of your dreams.

Whether that means adding a hint of Harry Potter magic to everything or a hearty sprinkling of Shakespeare quotes around the venue or you get Gandalf to officiate, there’s a way to honor your favorite authors and books through your theme.

Paper Flowers

Looking for a bookish bouquet? Consider making your wedding bouquets and centerpieces out of paper rather than opting for flowers.

Whether you have the bouquets made by an outside source or you have a DIY origami project, it’s easy to find a wordy bouquet that suits your needs.

You could even go far as to select pages from your favorite books or paper covered in your favorite quotes to make the bouquets out of to make them hyper-personalized. You can use it just for your bouquet, for your wedding party flowers, or even make the centerpieces from them.

If you have paper centerpieces, consider arranging them atop a stack of books to double down on your theme.

Bunting and Confetti

Want that extra bookish flair everywhere your guests look? Take book pages and cut bunting and confetti from them to make sure there’s pieces of the books you love on every surface.

Cut the confetti in shapes that go with your theme, whether it be hearts to emphasize your love, or something more unique like shapes from Alice in Wonderland or The Chronicles of Narnia.

You can also make your own wedding bunting to string across the archway where you exchange your vows, across the front of the wedding party table, and more. All you need are book pages, ribbon, and cardboard. It’s easy to turn the pages of books into the most idyllic literary wedding decorations.

Turn Your Guest Book into a Story

Old typewriter for guests to leave their names

Rather than a generic guest book, opt for a more literary one that will capture your theme perfectly.

You can have a custom book made with blank pages, where guests can sign their names, but also share their favorite love stories — especially if that story relates to you.

Or consider something a bit more quirky — leave a typewriter and fresh paper at the entrance for your guests to sit down at and plunk out their name. They can feel like they’re sitting down to write the great American novel while etching their names in your guest book.

Rings and Things

If you want to make bookish things a unique part of your ceremony, there’s plenty of ways to do so.

You can order a hollowed out book to carry the rings down the aisle (and even have them in the book on display prior to the ceremony or during the cocktail hour). You can then use the book to store things together as a couple, whether it be meaningful jewelry or wedding favors.

If you want to get a little more subtle, put the bookish details in what you wear. The groom can sport custom cufflinks made from pages of books, and the bride can wear matching earrings.


Whether you get married in a library surrounded by books or choose to honor your favorite reads in small details, there’s no shortage of ways to build your love of books into your wedding in meaningful ways.