The Best Rose Gold Rings for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Rose Gold Rings

Pink and red are the en vogue hues for love…and Valentine’s Day! Of course, the holiday that celebrates love, passion, and romance is one of the most popular—and romantic—times to propose marriage. When you’re planning that perfect proposal, you need the perfect ring. And no ring setting celebrates Valentine’s Day more appropriately than blushing, flushing rose gold.

There is no stopping the glowing popularity of rose gold; the metal that mixes copper and gold has inspired hues in technology, beauty, and fashion. Rose gold is everywhere! So when you’re picking the most romantic engagement ring for a Valentine’s Day proposal, choose the metal that exudes love and romance and set that ring in warm rose gold.

If you need to be convinced that this sweetly understated metal is ideal for your proposal, check out these amazing and swoon-worthy engagement ring designs.

Rose Gold Rings

Vintage Rose Gold

The warmth and blushing romance of rose gold make it an ideal setting for vintage-inspired engagement rings. Rose gold was first created during the 1800s and was used by Fabergé; yes the creator of the intricate Fabergé eggs.  According to Sotheby’s, rose gold was called “Russian Gold.” The history of rose gold makes it a beautiful choice for any intricate vintage design.

Use the warmth of the metal to paint perfect accents and weave romantic designs like floral scrolls or milgrain details. Edwardian and Victorian-inspired details and designs are ideal for a rose gold setting. The Edwardian Period was marked by extravagance and the beauty and intricacy of rose gold is the perfect precious metal to embrace this luxury. Remember, this was the metal used by one of the most celebrated jewelers!

The Victorian Era was a time of romance. And blushing rose gold celebrates both innocence and the romantic ideals of this time period. Popular Victorian details include floral motifs, hearts, and designs inspired by nature.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose Gold Solitaires

Warm rose gold is a beautiful metal to use for a diamond solitaire engagement ring. The flush of the metal will accentuate a clear white diamond, but the warmth also may help mask a yellow undertone of a diamond with a more muted color.

A simple band of rose gold is perfect for a solitaire diamond…or even a gemstone. So what colorful gems look best when set in rose gold? If you’re feeling very Valentine’s, opt for a red ruby for a pink and red combo. Amethyst also looks lovely in rose gold. Opals and pearls celebrate the vintage appeal of this metal;  a solitaire pearl or opal engagement ring is an amazing and unique choice. In fact, gemstones are becoming a popular choice for engagement rings!

Rose Gold Rings

Romantic Rose Gold Combo Settings

Not sure if you want to fully commit to the rose gold trend? Pair it with a white metal—like white gold or platinum—to create contrast in an engagement ring. A light-hued band also looks amazing when set with a rose gold diamond halo surrounding a solitaire diamond.

Rose gold also can be swirled with another metal hue to create a multidimensional effect within the band! This split-shank style is a very modern way to wear and rock rose gold.

Rose Gold Rings

No matter how you design your rose gold engagement ring, this metal is the ideal hue to choose for a Valentine’s Day proposal. The warmth of the gold exudes romance and the slight flush provides a beautiful base for a vintage-inspired design. A simple solitaire setting also lets this metal shine and creates a beautiful backdrop for an amazing diamond centerpiece. Of course, if you aren’t committed to a solid rose gold setting, use this metal as an accent for a halo. Or swirl rose gold with a lighter metal to create a unique style for a split-shank setting.