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  • Diamonds Education

    Black Diamonds

    Black diamonds, or carbonados, are one of the many diamond varieties found in the earthā€™s surface. Unlike conventional diamonds, which are mined in a variety of locations throughout the world, carbonados…

  • Canadian Diamond Market
    Diamonds Education

    Canada Diamond Market

    by Brenda Bouw Canada is set to open its first official diamond trading marketplace in downtown Toronto, a move spurred by the rush in recent years to mine and market the…

  • Diamonds Jewelry

    Jewelry Trends of 2010

    One of the best ways to enhance the style of the New Year is by incorporating complimentary accessories into your everyday wardrobe. Influenced by the elegance and royalty of Britain, oversized…

  • Jewelry

    New Jewelry Expert at Brilliance

      Carlos Defex is the newest member of the Brilliance team, bringing with him a lifetime of knowledge and passion for jewelry. As the head of our custom jewelry department, Carlos…