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Sleek Wedding Bands for Him

The most popular wedding bands for him

Men often feel like their choices are limited when it comes to wedding bands. In fact, some men think that the only available options are plain yellow or white gold bands.

Although classic bands are timeless, modern men typically want something a bit more unique that allows them to express their personal style. Fortunately, there are plenty of different styles of sleek wedding bands for him to choose from.

The Best Wedding Bands For the Modern Man

A wedding band is a keeper, so a stylish man would like it to match his personality. Modern men tend to gravitate towards these types of sleek wedding bands:

  • Black Metal
  • Black Diamonds
  • Mixed Metals
  • Wood Detailing
  • Texture
  • Gemstone Accents
  • Rose Gold
A black metal men’s wedding band

Black Metal

The color black is edgy, mysterious, and cool, so it’s not hard to see why modern men are drawn to this color. This probably isn’t the first color that comes to mind when you think of wedding bands, but it’s perfect for men who aren’t afraid to be bold.

There are a number of black metals that are used to create men’s wedding bands. Tungsten is durable and scratch-resistant, so it’s one of the most popular choices. It also has a brilliant shine that won’t fade away over the years.

Zirconium is another option for modern men who want a black metal wedding band. This metal is smooth and shiny like titanium with a darkened black coating on its surface. Its strength and resistance to scratches makes it a good choice for men who live active lifestyles.

Ceramic is not a metal, but it’s another black material that is used to create men’s bands. Ceramic is one of the most affordable options available, so it’s perfect for budget conscious shoppers.

Black Diamonds

Men can also achieve the chic and sophisticated look with a black diamond wedding band. Black diamonds add sparkle and shine without making the ring look too feminine. This allows men to pump up the “wow” factor while still maintaining the sleek and masculine look they desire!

A single black diamond is enough to make mouths drop, but if you really want to turn heads, choose a ring with a row of black diamonds in the center of the band.

Mixed Metals

Some of the most popular wedding bands for him are designed with mixed metals. A mixed metal band is a ring that contains more than one type of metal. For example, a mixed metal band may feature one strand of rose gold and one strand of white gold intertwined with each other to create a unique and modern look.

Pairing two different metals together creates a strikingly beautiful design that is sure to stand out. This style is ideal for trendsetters and men who are having a hard time deciding between two or more metals. There’s no need to choose—incorporate both of them into your wedding band design!

Wood Detailing

Men are often attracted to unconventional and unique designs, which is why they love wedding bands with wood detailing. While you can try to make the ring yourself, you find plenty of nice long-lasting wooden rings at Brilliance.com.

Teak, oak, ash, koa and other types of wood can be inlaid inside metal bands to create a rustic, masculine design. The wood inlay contrasts beautifully with the band’s metal and adds character to the overall design.

All men can rock a band with wood detailing. This trend is perfect for men who love the great outdoors. Rings with wood detailing can represent their two biggest passions in life: nature and their significant other!

A men’s wedding band with a hammered texture


Textured rings are modern, stylish, and incredibly popular right now. There are several different texture options to choose from, so there’s truly something for every man.

The texture look is subtle on brushed bands, which is what makes this style so elegant and understated. If you want something a bit more noticeable, a ring with a hammered finish is right for you. Hammered finishes leave round dimples in the surface of the band, creating a rough and masculine look.

Sandblasted men’s rings have an even rougher and grainier look than the rest. This is ideal for men who want to buck tradition in favor of a more rugged ring.

It doesn’t matter which type you choose—adding texture will instantly make the band look more cool and sophisticated.

Gemstone Accents

Many men’s bands are accented with brightly colored gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Some men choose these wedding bands simply because they love the pop of color that the gemstone provides. Others choose this style for more personal reasons.

Men can make their wedding band more special by choosing one with their significant other’s birthstone. For example, if your significant other was born in July, choose a wedding band with rubies to symbolize your devotion to your spouse. A ring like this will make it easier for you to always feel close and connected to your spouse.

Each gemstone is unique, but in general, gemstones are less expensive than diamonds. As a result, wedding bands with gemstones are typically more affordable than bands with diamonds.

Rose Gold

Your wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment to your significant other, and nothing says romance quite like a rose gold ring.

Rose gold is the ideal metal for men who aren’t afraid to tap into their soft, romantic side. This rose-colored metal looks cool and modern in a simple setting with minimal details, but warm and luxurious in a vintage-inspired setting.

Rose gold isn’t just beautiful—it’s durable, too. In fact, rose gold is stronger than both yellow and white gold because it contains copper, which is a sturdy and tough metal. However, copper can sometimes cause skin irritation, so men with sensitive skin should steer clear of rose gold.

A set of wedding bands

Express Your Love With A Sophisticated Wedding Band For Your Modern Man

Every married man should wear a wedding band that makes a bold statement about his personal style. By choosing a wedding band with one of these unique features, modern men can finally express themselves and their love for their significant other with their ring!