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Cool Themed Men’s Wedding Bands

cool men's wedding bands

A wedding band should reflect the wearer, and this is why cool men’s wedding bands are just so—well—cool!

Cool themed men’s wedding bands will catch everyone’s eye for all the right reasons: they integrate his hobbies, personality, or lovable quirks to perfectly illustrate your love for him.

Some are bold, some are peculiar, and some are nature-inspired. wedding band is meant to represent your love story, your commitment and your future together, but only one band will truly capture his style and his unique soul. So choose his band with heart! If none of the following inspire you, then make sure you check out selection of men’s wedding bands, we have plenty of custom and unique designs that are sure to win his heart!

Be a team player!

For the man who loves sports, choose a cool themed men’s wedding band that incorporates his favorite pastime.  His wedding band can be crafted to resemble a basketball, a baseball ( complete with stitches!), or a golf ball. You may even want to custom order the ring to incorporate a team mascot or just engrave a message inside the band for a sentimental detail!

Shoot for Forever

This titanium band features a stipple finish to provide the perfect edge for a basketball themed ring. Stipple Finish Basketball Pattern Men's Wedding Ring In Titanium

Stipple Finish Basketball Pattern Men’s Wedding Ring In Titanium

(Titanium is a popular choice for many themed, textured, and/or patterned designs. Check out more top styles for titanium men’s wedding bands!)

Hit a Grand Slam

Bead-blasted details prepare this baseball band for the perfect pitch to his left hand! Red antiqued grooves stitch up the look:

Beadblasted Baseball Pattern Men's Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Beadblasted Baseball Pattern Men’s Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Celebrate his loveable geekiness!

If your guy has an adorable geeky edge, celebrate it! This is, after all, part of why you love him. Choose a ring that integrates his hobby. Maybe this means adding a meteoric detail to his ring like Gibeon meteorite or celebrating his love of anime with a Mokume Gane band.

Out of this World

Gibeon meteorite inlays are featured in many of our rings. Choose his favorite metal and add black diamonds for cosmic detail.

Black Diamond Men's Wedding Ring With Meteorite Inlay In Yellow Gold

Black Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring With Meteorite Inlay In Yellow Gold

Mokume Gane

This metal mixe swirls with interest and nods to an ancient Japanese art form:

Tri-Tone Mokume Gane Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Tri-Tone Mokume Gane Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

The Great Outdoors

For the guy who loves hunting, camping, hiking or just exploring the outdoors, choose a ring that features a nod to nature. Wood inlays are crafted from a variety of different woods to add rustic appeal to his ring. You may also opt for a camo detail or even a ring that features an outline of antlers if he’s an avid hunter.


Rings in the Koa Wood collection all feature polished wood inlays. Choose from more than a dozen different wood varieties from warm oak to exotic koa.

Koa Wood Inlay Men's Beveled Ring In Black Ceramic

Koa Wood Inlay Men’s Beveled Ring In Black Ceramic (8mm)

Blend In

When he’s hunting, ensure that even his ring blends into his surrounding! Camo details capture the natural design of the landscape and add inspiration to his ring!

Segmented Camo Inlay Hammered Men's Ring In Zirconium

Segmented Camo Inlay Hammered Men’s Ring In Zirconium

Buck it Up!

If antlers are on display in his man-cave, take that detail and include it on his ring. While hunting season may be his personal holiday, you can celebrate your ‘dear’ love with engraved deer details.

Men's Wedding Ring With Deer Track, Cross, And Antler Pattern In Zirconium

Men’s Wedding Ring With Deer Track, Cross, And Antler Pattern In Zirconium

City Boy at Heart

Chi-Town Forever! Or maybe he’s loyal to Seattle? Whatever city he calls home, commemorate his hometown with a skyline detail on his ring. If you don’t find his city in the collection, Brilliance can always design a custom wedding band that celebrates his city.

Seattle Skyline Men's Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Seattle Skyline Men’s Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Batteries Not Included

If he’s always tinkering around in the garage and has a love of repair and DIY, choose a ring that takes inspiration from his tools! A funky ring with screw details or a band that features intricate gears celebrates your favorite Mr. Fix-It.

Screw Design Men's Wedding Ring In Titanium

Screw Design Men’s Wedding Ring In Titanium

On the Right Track

If he doesn’t miss a Nascar race and spends his days revamping his favorite old hotrod, his ring should include automotive inspiration! Yes, there is a band that is designed to look like a tire, and, really, he needs it!

Satin Finish Tire Tread Men's Wedding Ring In Titanium

Satin Finish Tire Tread Men’s Wedding Ring In Titanium

There is a cool themed men’s ring that is waiting for him! You just have to find it. Or work with a designer to create a one-of-a-kind band that is as unique as him! Celebrate his DIY passions, his sports enthusiasm, his inner loveable geek or his love of the outdoors and choose a ring that is both cool and unique to seal those unbreakable vows!

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