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Diamond-Studded Ravens Super Bowl Rings

Diamond Studded Ravens Super Bowl Rings

Diamond Studded Ravens Super Bowl Rings
It isn’t called a Super ring for nothing.

A memorable game played deserves some serious bling, as the Ravens’ proud new Super Bowl XLVII rings illustrate. The Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers back in February for the title, and all of the team plus coaching staff were presented with gorgeous diamond-and-amethyst-studded Super Bowl rings at a private ceremony in early June. The World Champions rings were carefully delivered by a Malca-Amit armored car to the venue.

The rings were heavily guarded because of their value. Jewelry designer Miran Armutlu of the Jostens Championship Design team created a custom-designed ring using the Ravens’ logo. The raven head has red enamel for its eye and an amethyst custom-cut according to its shape. The raven’s head rests against a backdrop of 243 round-cut diamonds and 40 brilliant-cut diamonds.

A couple of Vince Lombardi trophies are discernible behind the raven-head logo. They are made up of 32 round brilliant-cut diamonds plus 2 marquise-shaped stones, with a total weight of .75 carats. These symbolize the two Super Bowl trophies which the Ravens won back in 1996, and the one early this year. At the back of each ring, text and numbers depicting the path to the Super Bowl that the Baltimore Ravens took to win this year’s game are engraved. The dates coincide with the Ravens beating the Indianapolis Colts, the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.