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Think Pink! Everything you Need to Know About Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

pink diamond engagement rings

A beautiful, rare pink diamond will make an engagement ring truly stand apart. There are countless reasons to opt for a pink diamond and its rare, natural beauty. If your special someone’s favorite color is pink, what better way to honor your love than with an engagement ring in their favorite shade? Even if pink isn’t her favorite color, it makes for a highly symbolic ring since we traditionally associate pink with femininity and romance — choosing a pink diamond for an engagement ring is a surefire way to make the ultimate romantic gesture.

Some of the most famous diamonds in the world are pink diamonds. One of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite brooches designed by Cartier features a large pink diamond, and it remains a true jewel of the crown. Famously in 2002, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a pink diamond engagement ring — that made the pink diamond more popular and prized than ever. Ever since, its beauty has remained a renowned favorite.

Another fantastic reason to select a pink diamond is that it will help make the ring truly one of a kind. Pink diamonds are a rare gemstone (and yes, they are really diamonds), making rings that feature them a truly unique entity. If you want your significant other to feel like the most special person in the world, there’s no better way to say it than with a brilliant, stunning pink diamond engagement ring.

Why Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Are Expensive

You want to get a pink diamond engagement ring, but now you’re suffering a bit of sticker shock? You may be wondering why pink diamonds are so expensive. It’s because they’re extremely rare — the process to create a pink diamond in nature is highly specific involving intense heat and pressure on the stone while embedded in the earth’s crust. The intense pressure distorts the diamond’s latticing causing it to absorb green light rays. The absence of that green light reflecting across the crystals results in the pink or red color of the stone.

This process is so rare that the majority of the world’s pink diamonds are sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, and reports that the mine will close in 2019 has sent prices soaring. This is why the average price per carat for pink diamonds soared to $78,000 in 2014.

The smaller the stone and the lighter the shade of pink, the cheaper the diamond but if a pink diamond will break the bank there are alternative options. You can go for a pink sapphire or an enhanced diamond (a natural diamond that has been treated by the jeweler to give it a pink hue) — if you want that special pink hue but aren’t fussed about having a natural pink diamond, you can consider these alternatives.

How to Design a Custom Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

0.21 Carat Oval Loose Diamond, Fancy Pink, SI1, Ideal, GIA Certified

0.21 Carat Oval Loose Diamond, Fancy Pink, SI1, Ideal, GIA Certified

If you’re going for a pink diamond engagement ring, chances are you’ll be designing a custom setting for it because most retail jewelers don’t offer pink diamonds because of their price. It’s easy to design a custom pink diamond engagement ring with online outlets like Brilliance. Start by finding the perfect stone for your centerpiece — search for loose pink diamonds to select the exact cut, clarity, and hue of pink for your ring.

From there, you can choose your setting. If you’re springing for a large karat diamond that is brilliant in its pink color, you may want to opt for a solitaire setting to allow the center stone to shine without any other stones or flourishes to distract from its epic beauty. Another fantastic choice is a halo setting — the circle of smaller diamonds will call attention to the pink center stone and the setting will help protect the expensive center stone more than an exposed solitaire.

If your special someone really loves pink, you can even consider buying a band in rose gold to really amp the pink factor. Though many prefer to pair the pink diamond with white gold or platinum to set off the beautiful hue of the center stone in contrast to the elegant sheen of the band.

When it comes to custom designing a ring, the most important thing is your center stone and its quality. Once you’ve selected a stone you know will wow your love, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to settings — whether they want an antique setting, halo, three stones, or solitaire, you can find a way to make the special diamond at its heart shine. The pink color of the diamond will undoubtedly be the ring’s central talking point, so when it comes to the setting, opt for whatever floats your special someone’s boat — whether that be a vintage-inspired design or something utterly fresh and contemporary.

When you think pink, you’re sure to end up with a truly one-of-a-kind engagement.