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Hayden Panattiere Shows Off Engagement Ring

hayden panettiere

…or does she?

hayden panettiereimage source: www.stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

Gossip sites are abuzz with the petite star’s appearance at an ABC party last Tuesday, wearing a sizable sparkler on her right hand. Now, this is where the confusion sets in because:

A) Hayden has yet to officially announce whether or not she is, in fact, engaged to Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko; and

B) engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left hand.

Still, the glow on her face and the glitter on her ring finger give off the impression of a young woman who is very much in love. Three rows of diamonds on a thick platinum band graced the Heroes alumna’s finger, sending tongues a-wagging that the rumored April engagement to her boyfriend is definitely real.

Another item to add to the simmering engagement speculation pot? Her sweetie is from Ukraine, where the custom for engaged and married women is to wear their rings on their right hand!

The couple’s on again-off again relationship notwithstanding, the two were seen cuddling up to each other a lot during the Upfronts party in New York earlier this week (no mean feat, given their height difference). So whether or not congratulations are in order, we wish the winsome Nashville star and her boyfriend all the best!

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