5 Tips to Pick The Perfect Modern Engagement Ring for a Trendy Girl

Modern Engagement Ring

There are so many ways to modernize your ring that you might not really know where to start looking for the perfect modern look. Here are some tips to get you started.

Cross Split Shank Solitaire Princess Engagement Ring in White Gold

Cross Split Shank Solitaire Princess Engagement Ring in White Gold

  1. Be Creative With the Band

This easiest way to capture a more modern look with your engagement ring is to get creative with the band. There are so many ways to do this, and here are a few:

  • Thicker Band – This is a simple suggestion, but not one that should be overlooked. Thicker bands are extremely modern these days, and they are highly wearable.
  • Stylized Band – Try a band with a little more artistry in its making. One with twists, swirls or geometric designs can add a little something different that gives your ring that modern touch.
  • Multi-Metals Band – These days, mixing silver with gold or yellow gold with white gold is no longer a fashion faux pas. Actually, it’s become a huge trend to mix metals, especially for women looking for a contemporary look in their engagement ring.
  • Split Shank Bands – Split shank bands have a nice flair, and they are fairly popular. For a modern girl who wants to be unique, try a deeper split, or “crisscross” band. For a truly modern style, think clean, simple, and elegant.Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring with Two Tapered Baguette Diamonds

Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring with Two Tapered Baguette Diamonds

  1. Go For Angular Cut Shapes

Round and princess cuts are classic, but for a more modern look go for shapes with long angular facets like these below:

  • Emerald Cut – This long cut with stepped facets resembling a miniature staircase are so bold and so modern.
  • Radiant Cut – Similar to the shape of an emerald cut diamond, but with many more facets to give it a little more brilliance. Plus, the radiant cut engagement ring can perfectly match up different personalities!
  • Baguette Cut – This is not one of the standard 10 diamond cut shapes, but it is very popular for modern rings. It is a very simple cut that resembles a bread baguette, hence it’s namesake.
    Cathedral Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

Cathedral Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

  1. Choose A Unique Gem

Diamonds are forever, but the more modern woman might want to mix it up. Sapphire engagement rings and other colorful gems are also becoming a huge trend and they too are timeless. You can choose a solitaire gemstone, or choose to accent a traditional diamond with a cluster or eternity band of smaller gems.

  • Sapphires – These gems are most popularly bought in blue, however they come in many other colors, like pink, which is hugely popular.
  • Emeralds – That toxic allure of deep green. So sexy, so beautiful, so modern.
  • Yellow Diamonds – Truly yellow diamonds with an excellent cut can give you just the right amount of color, like the sunshine on a blue-sky day.
    Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring in White Gold

Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring in White Gold

  1. Try A Bridge or Tension Setting

Tension settings are becoming more popular, especially for their very modern look. With a tension setting, the band holds the diamond in place in a way that makes it look as if the diamond is floating.

To make a tension band, jewelers have to make sure the band is squeezing the diamond tighten enough for it to hold, but not too tight so as to risk damaging the gem. Though the look of a tension band may make you nervous that the diamond will fall out, if it is made right I can be an excellent way to modernize your ring.

A bridge setting can also achieve this cool, modern effect, highlighting a center diamond above a thin pave-set band for extra sparkle!

Twisted Petal Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Twisted Petal Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

  1. Experiment With A Cluster

The diamond cluster surrounding your gem could be the key to giving your ring a fresher look. The options for melees and clusters are endless. A straight line of small emerald cut diamonds could be particular modern. Or perhaps you’d like the melees to form a design on the band?

Many modern ladies are even making their rings without a large diamond, but instead with many small clusters and melees set into a band. This look is especially nice for a woman who works with her hands and cannot really wear a huge diamond on her finger.

Whatever you decide to do to give your engagement ring a little more of a modern flair, just know that you have options. Play around a bit, look at photos, and ask jewelers for their opinion on what you can do to achieve a modern and yet also timeless look.

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