Small Diamond Bracelets

You may not have 60 years under your belt, but that doesn’t mean that diamonds aren’t the perfect anniversary gift for your sweetheart. Tennis bracelets can vary greatly in cost, from less than $1,000 to upwards of $10,000 depending on your budget. If you want to give her something that is classic, timeless, and not too close to the style of an engagement ring, a small diamond tennis bracelet is something that she’ll want to wear day after day.

Find Her Style

There are many varieties of tennis bracelets that can be appropriate for any aesthetic. You can easily find the perfect design whether she would love a pop of color from a deep gemstone or she is more into a classy, contemporary look. Depending on her life style or wardrobe, you can find a tailor-made design that will fit into her daily ensemble.

What better way to show someone how much you love them than by giving them a gift that symbolizes your affection? X’s and O’s have been long considered to have the meaning of hugs and kisses, so a bracelet in this style is a simple but lovely way to express this sentiment. It also provides a bit of a playful touch, which can bring life into any relationship no matter how long you’ve been together.

This delicate, tried-and-true style is perfect for someone who loves sparkle and simplistic shine. It’s easily paired with any other piece of jewelry and it’s an appropriate style for everyone regardless of what they wear on a daily basis. It’s eye catching without being too flashy, and the simple four-prong setting highlights the brilliance of each individual stone.

For an interestingly unique take on a standard piece of jewelry, the s-prong tennis bracelet setting perfectly mixes modern style with a bit of a different flair. Each stone is framed by adjacent s-shaped swirls of metal while being held in place by two individual prongs. The setting creates a special look without overshadowing the main line of diamonds.

A u-prong setting is great for someone who wants something subdued and dainty, but they still want to have a conversation-starting piece. It’s a different take on the standard prong-set diamond bracelet design, but subtle enough to fit in with the rest of her jewelry box. The u-shaped fasteners create an interesting and different look without adding much weight to the overall feel of the piece.

If you want the main focus of your bracelet to be the diamonds, this is the ideal design for a bright, glittering statement piece. The eye is drawn to 72 round-cut diamonds and the setting simply enhances the overall shine without taking away any of the drama. The piece is still delicate enough for everyday wear, but it’s also ideal for a night out. It’s a great stand-alone piece, but it can also be paired with drop earrings or an eye-catching pendant without worry about whether or not it is too heavy or over the top.

Small Diamond Bracelets

If you want to give your love a gift to show her how much you think about her, diamonds are a no brainer. No matter her personal style or preferences, a diamond tennis bracelet is a jaw-dropping gift that will make her smile from ear to ear.