Is the Mix of Gold and Silver the New Chic?

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When it comes to fashion jewelry wearing something different can sometimes not pan out well. With so many fashion police around, there are so many rules to the whole mix bag.

But, here is the new chic in town. It is a mix of gold and silver. Yes, you hear it right. There was a time you were told, you can’t mix jewelry. But, gone are those days, now the fusion is in and the black and white is out.

When it comes to mixing up both metals in terms of jewelry there are a lot of benefits. Also, it is the new fashion siren that has taken minimalistic fashion trends by storm. So, what I am trying to say is, it really doesn’t matter what people think anymore when it comes to jewelry. In the end, it is always your call and you can mix gold and silver as much as you want.

Tips on Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

So, if you are new at this fusion jewelry then you need to probably be prepped a little bit what to choose and how to choose it.

The Colors

As you know there are various shades of gold and silver. For the gold family, you have rose gold, white gold and of course the regular yellow gold. And, when it comes to silver you have the sterling silver and the oxidized silver. You will see that there is copper mixed in the rose gold to give it that color.

When it comes to oxidize silver it is more of a darker shade of grey. So, we always suggest that if you are mixing yellow gold then always mix it with sterling silver. Both the colors are complementary and it will totally look good.

And, if you are going for the white gold then you can always match it with some oxidize silver to give it a flush personality. Oxidize goes very well with white gold for a simple evening or even a date.

Sizes Matter

Now, here is the main deal out of it all. You can’t be wearing the same sizes of jewelry if you are mixing gold and silver. Believe me, a beautiful semi-casual evening dress will totally be ruined if you will be wearing silver thick wrist bands with a gold choker.

So, the sizes of the jewelry do really matter. Think of it in this way, if you have a nice silver watch on and you pair it with sleek simple and minimalistic wrist charm band, that gives your evening look that edgy personality. You can always get some amazing silver wear and art at Judaica Silver Art.

Also, symmetric mixing of gold and silver is always advice. If you are mixing in your bangles then that works, but mixing between neckwear and hand wear would probably get the wrong attention. But, if you are going for a chic and sleek look anything stringy and thin in gold and silver mixed with a dash of stones will always steal the night away for you.

Well chicas’ those were my suggestions for the mixing of amazing gold and silver sleek jewelry. Let me know how it goes for you all.