How to Design a Small Diamond Necklace For Your Anniversary

Small Diamond Necklace

Anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate the journey you have taken with your significant other over the years. Since this journey began with a diamond engagement ring, it’s fitting to mark your anniversary with another piece of jewelry like a small diamond necklace. These pieces are ideal anniversary gifts—especially because you can customize the design to fit your significant other’s style. Follow these tips to design the perfect small diamond necklace for your anniversary:

Choose a Complementary Style

Both the engagement ring and small diamond necklace are symbols of your love and affection for your significant other, so they should complement one another. Snap a picture of your significant other’s engagement ring so it can serve as inspiration throughout the design process. The two pieces do not need to look identical in order to complement each other. Simply choose a few design features—such as the shape of the diamond or the type of metal—and keep them consistent throughout the two designs.

Select the Right Length

People often spend a lot of time obsessing over choosing the right diamonds and perfecting the design when creating a custom diamond necklace. But, it’s important to also think about the length of the necklace before finalizing the design. The length of a necklace is typically between 16-24 inches. A necklace that falls within the lower end of this range will rest above the sternum, highlighting the collarbone and creating a casual, laid-back look. Twenty-four inches is considered a more dramatic length, so these necklaces are not typically designed for everyday wear. If you want to create a necklace that pairs well with practically any outfit, choose one with a length that falls somewhere in the middle of this range, preferably around 18 inches.

Make It Meaningful

An anniversary is a special occasion, so try to make the design of the small diamond necklace special in some unique way. For example, place your birthstone on one side of the center diamond your significant other’s birthstone on the other. You can also design a necklace that honors the number of years you’ve spent together. If you are celebrating your 5th anniversary, use five small diamonds that each represent one year you have known and loved one another. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making your design meaningful, so flex your creative muscle and come up with a unique way to personalize this gift.

Remember the Four C’s

You must remember to consider the four C’s—color, cut, clarity, and carat—when shopping for any type of diamond jewelry. This is especially true when it comes to diamond necklaces. Necklaces are more visible when worn than bracelets, rings, and other pieces of jewelry, so it’s important to choose high quality diamonds. Make sure the small diamonds you choose are eye clean, meaning there are no visible inclusions. If the necklace has multiple diamonds, they should all have similar color grades to ensure one does not stick out like a sore thumb. The diamonds’ cut, color, clarity, and carat do not need to be perfect, but avoid choosing poor quality stones that could affect the overall appearance of your necklace.

Diamonds are traditional 60th anniversary gifts, but there’s no need to wait six decades to give your significant other a small diamond necklace. This lovely gift can be used to celebrate any—and every—anniversary!