How to Get Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Him or Her Knowing

Get Your Partner’s Ring Size

Picture this: you are down on one knee to propose to that special person in your life. With a candle-lit romantic dinner for two behind you and your couple’s song playing, you bring out that precious, velvet-lined box from your pocket, take out a ring, slip it on their finger, and begin your will-you-marry-me speech.

And the ring gets stuck on their knuckle.

Not the ideal scenario, is it? To avoid this, and to keep your proposal as smooth as butter, learn these tips to get your partner’s ring size without her catching on.

Borrow one of their rings.

Go through your partner’s jewelry when they are away and select a ring they currently wear (make sure she wears it on the correct finger!). If you think they might notice it missing for a full day, simply trace the ring’s inside diameter on paper so you can bring it to a trusted jeweler to determine the proper size.

Practice your ninja skills when she’s asleep.

This is a tricky maneuver. Get a length of string ready for when they are heavily asleep, preferably with hands unclenched. Carefully measure the diameter of their ring finger with the string, making sure it is not too tight or loose. Mark the string with a pen and take it to a jeweler. If they are a particularly heavy sleeper, you might even be able to get a ring sizer on their finger.

Tip: the most ideal time to measure their ring finger would be in the afternoon or when it is hottest, as their finger would have swollen to its fullest size.

Ask for help from her close family and friends.

Approach your partner’s closest family and friends. They can prove to be your biggest allies in your mission for an engagement ring. They can be the ones to filch a ring for you, or, if they live with them, take their ring finger measurement without being too obvious. They can even investigate what kind of setting, stone, and precious metal your special person prefers, but that’s a discussion for a different post.

Consult a pro for sizing assistance.

Once you have the right measurement, go to a reputable jeweler to get the proper sizing. They can even size a ring correctly if you’ve purchased one already. Guesswork has no place in your engagement ring mission. Experts like those at Brilliance can help you come up with your partner’s dream ring, one that fits perfectly on their finger!

Need a size chart? Download one here