Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Trends

Celebrity jewelry is the one Lady Gaga is wearing

A-list celebrities are the ones to watch for the latest trends in fashion, accessories and beauty looks. If you want to include the must-have celebrity jewelry trends as must-have accessories for your wedding, night out, or to top off your outfit of the day (OOTD), these are the pieces you need to sparkle, shine and turn heads!

Celebrity Jewelry Trend #1: Big & Bold!

Us Magazine reports celebs sporting big jewels on the red carpet. To steal this look, choose bold statement pieces.

Think necklaces with big beads or pendants, or a big bold ring as the centerpiece of your outfit. You could also opt for a statement earring (check out these fashion-forward earrings for under $100!).

And here’s an inside secret: jewels like amethyst and aquamarine can be purchased in large carats at a not-so-hefty price. Splurge on real gems, but choose budget stones that are easy on your bottom line. That massive amethyst ring would pair lovely with a little black dress!

Earrings can feature chandelier styles that dangle with sizeable geometric proportions. For maximum wow, pull your hair back in a chignon or just style away from the ears to let the earrings grab the spotlight.

Celebrity Jewelry Trend #2: Brooches

This isn’t your grandmother’s accessory! Celebrity jewelry trends also nod to vintage luxe. In fact, on Riverdale, Cheryl Blossom’s style often includes a statement brooch; a spider brooch has been spotted often on Cheryl’s outfits! If you suffer from arachnophobia, though, choose a different vintage-inspired brooch.

Many true vintage pieces can be uncovered at antique malls or thrift stores. You may discover some fun and mod styles that feature enamel daisies (60s!) or earthy boho pieces from the 70s (owl brooches!).

Have a bigger budget? Buy the real deal. You can craft a vintage-inspired or contemporary brooch through Brilliance; add a statement jewel like a large sapphire, pearl or—if your budget allows—a sparkling diamond centerpiece.

Kristen Stewart wearing a brooch, celebrity jewelry

Celebrity Jewelry Trend #3: The Delicate Rings

Thin bands of gold and silver are still popular. These dainty rings can be stacked on fingers or worn solo for an understated celebrity-inspired style. You can choose plain bands or opt for rings with tiny stones.

You’ll need to decide what finger you wish to wear them on so you can purchase the right size. With these rings, though, feel free to wear them on any finger (yes, even the thumb!).

But can you mix metals if you wear the rings stacked? Of course! Mixing metal hues adds dimension and makes each ring stand out. Alternate silver/gold or stack them up randomly.

Celebrity jewelry trends include multiple rings in hands

Celebrity Jewelry Trend #4: Hoop it Up

Have hoop earrings ever really gone out of style? These bold or even small circles have been mainstays in our ears for years. They are fun, sassy, flirty and seemingly timeless. And celebrities love them, too!

Delicate thin hoops (large or small) look amazing with almost any outfit. For a formal look, choose hoops set with diamonds or gemstones. Want something dainty? Tiny hoops that almost hug the earlobe are understated and minimalist.

If you want to channel the 80s, you also can select hoops in bold colors. If you go bold with the colorful hoop, though, you might want to keep the rest of your outfit understated. Or not…depending on your own personality!

Celebrity Jennifer Lopez wearing hoop earrings

Celebrity Jewelry Trend #5: Jewels Out of the Movies

What celebrities wear now might not influence you. But perhaps the cinema does. Some movies feature amazing jewels and jewelry styles. So if you want to pull your influence straight from your favorite movies, here are a few looks to copy:

“Clueless:” Cher’s Pearl Choker

During the scene where Cher is in class trying to grab Christian’s attention by eating chocolates, she’s wearing a dual strand pearl choker. You can find a choker featuring freshwater pearls to keep the cost down, invest in cultured pearls or opt for faux pearls. Whatever you choose, this necklace can be paired with jeans, a dress or whatever you want!

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s:” Holly Golightly’s Statement Bib Necklace

The iconic LBD that Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is accessorized with a multi strand pearl bib necklace featuring a massive diamond or faux diamond pendant. While the real pearl/diamond iteration of this might set you back a massive amount of money, you can recreate it with faux pearls or freshwater pearls and add a rhinestone brooch to the center.

“Stranger Things:” Nancy’s Dainty Ballet Slipper Necklace

While it isn’t a movie, “Stranger Things” has taken pop culture by storm. And Nancy’s style is perfectly 80s prep right down to her jewelry. In one scene during Season 1, Nancy sports a white striped sweater with a charm necklace featuring ballet slippers. Of course, you can find dupes of the necklace everywhere. But why not be original and choose a necklace that features a small charm that reflects your own hobby?

“Lord of the Rings:” The One Ring & Arwen’s Necklace

Ok, so you might have to be a massive Tolkien fan to embrace this accessory. However, The One Ring is extremely unique and cool. This band could be used as a wedding ring or just for a nod to the favorite movie. You also may seek out Arwen’s necklace with its mystical elvish charm. Dupes are available, but you can also have a similar pendant custom designed.

“Titanic:” The Heart of the Ocean

While wearing a massive blue diamond around your neck might be financially out of the question for your budget, you can recreate this necklace with a sapphire. If you want a look that is a bit more simplistic, custom design a small sapphire heart necklace with a diamond halo. You don’t have to go big for this one, remember your design can be celebrity or movie inspired!

Celebrities and cinema often inspire many fashion, beauty and jewelry trends. Embrace the celebrity jewelry looks and choose accessories inspired by the red carpet or the big (or small) screen. Dainty rings, hoop earrings, massive statement pieces or vintage brooches can take your OOTD to the next level. Not inspired by celebs? Pick a look from your favorite movie or television series and wear accessories that nod to your favorite characters. Whatever or whomever inspires you, use your personal style to make that piece your own!